Blowtorches & Beer: Jacob Grier Shows Us How to Make a Flip

A man is holding an iron loggerhead next to a blowtorch behind a bar.
Cocktail consultant Jacob Grier demonstrates how to make a flip using a loggerhead and a torch.

Like many cocktail enthusiasts, Jacob Grier, bartender and author, is interested in researching and using old-school techniques when building drinks. In this video, Grier resurfaces a colonial-era technique and gives it a modern twist. In America's colonial days, flips were made by heating a poker in a fireplace and putting them into the beer, rum and sugar mixture. As most bars are now without fireplaces, Grier uses a blowtorch instead to heat the loggerhead, caramelizing the sugar and quickly boiling the beer and rum into a warm, frothy and luscious cocktail.

Get the full recipe here.

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