Tales of the Cocktail's Impact: Cure

Cure New Orleans Cocktail Bar

Cure | New Orleans Cocktail Bar


Neal Bodenheimer attended Tales of the Cocktail® as a working bartender in 2007. While there he met his future business partner, and two years later they began working on their own venture. The duo teamed up with a lifelong friend of Neal’s and took a leap of faith, investing their time and resources in an idea they believed in – a world-class cocktail bar in New Orleans on the up-and-coming Freret Street.

From this idea Cure was born, and the bar has since risen to become one of the most renowned destinations for cocktails in the country. As Cure gained popularity, it became a catalyst for the revitalization of the surrounding Freret Street Corridor – an area of the city that was still recovering from Katrina two years after the storm. Today, Freret Street is a cultural and commercial center of the city.


Cure leverages its relationship with Tales of the Cocktail® in order to:

  • Participate in and host various events
  • Align with and support the vision of Tales of the Cocktail
  • Gain increased exposure in both local and national markets


Increased Business:

  • Cure credits its busiest time of the year to Tales of the Cocktail®. In addition to hosting events sanctioned by Tales, the bar gets a boost merely by being, “open for business and letting the industry flow in.”

Support for the Tales of the Cocktail®:

  • Along with other bars on the street, Cure opens its doors to the attendees of Tales of the Cocktail®, hosting Dynamic Duos – which pair local bartending teams with teams from around the world. Cure is proud to participate in the event and support the industry.

Media Exposure and Recognition:

  • Since its inception, Cure has been making a big splash in the industry – consistently winning awards and earning press recognition as one of the best bars in the country. Some highlights include:
    • America’s Best Cocktail Bars; Travel + Leisure (April 2011)
    • The Best Bars in America; Esquire (May 2011)
    • 100 Best Bars in the South; Southern Living (2013)
    • The 38 Essential Cocktail Bars Across America; Eater (May 2014)
    • The 33 Best Cocktail Bars in the Country; Thrillist National (2014)


“Tales and the cocktail industry in the United States have grown side by side – there is absolutely a synergy there. I honestly don’t think Cure could exist if it weren’t for Tales of the Cocktail.”

“Tales has made New Orleans a great cocktail city again. By adding Tales to what is already happening in New Orleans makes the city dynamic enough to rival markets like New York or Los Angeles.”

“Tales has shown people outside of New Orleans that it is a town that attracts industry talent and has primed the city to believe that we can put a world-class cocktail bar here. The event consistently brings relevant ideas into town, allows the industry in the city to stay relevant, and enables New Orleans to plug into what is happening around the world – it makes a real impact for us as a market.”

“Ann truly cares about showing the economic impact of the event to bars, restaurants and hotels in New Orleans. It is safe to say that Tales is our busiest time of the year. I would absolutely recommend participating in Tales of the Cocktail.”

-Neal Bodenheimer, Founder of Cure