The Bartender's Pledge: Share Your 2017 Goals with Us

Bartender doing inventory
New year, new you? Sounds cheesy, but there's something to be said for a fresh start and a list of goals. (Photo: PeopleImages via iStock)

As we start another year, we're greeted with yet another opportunity to make plans, set goals and think about how we want to shape our lives in the year to come. Cheesy? Maybe. But there's something to be said for a fresh start. Whether it's reaching a new level in your career, finding time to take care of yourself, transforming your lifestyle for the better or just making small changes that add up over time, we're all for self-improvement. Fill out the below survey to share your 2017 goals with us, and stay tuned for more actionable tips on how to turn these good intentions into real-life changes. (Responses may be used in a future article, but you can be anonymous if you want!)

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