Brains and Booze: The Neurology of Mixology

It can be one of the greatest frustrations of a bartender's work — crafting what you think is a superior cocktail and watching with dismay as it gets snubbed by customers. What may seem like an inexplicable play of favorites by guests is actually rooted in science. Our nervous systems interact with the smell, sight and taste of cocktails in intricate ways that inform what we crave and in turn, what we order. In a uniquely dynamic duo, esteemed neurologist Dr. Max Wiznitzer and his daughter, NYC bartender Pamela Wiznitzer, investigate how the brain's function informs the work of bartenders — both in terms of how they make drinks and what guests order. How is the color, scent and taste of a cocktail bound to impact whether and when it's ordered? Learn how to create cocktails that guests neurologically seek.

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