Better Speed and Efficiency for Craft Bartenders

There's a certain stigma behind the word "craft:" if you tell someone something's been crafted, they assume it took a long time to make. To an extent, that's true, since paying careful attention to detail takes more time than just throwing something together. Unfortunately, that may be difficult to explain when you're behind a bar, and someone on the other side is waiting impatiently for the cocktail you're busy crafting. This doesn't mean that craft cocktails should be excluded from a bar setting, though, it just means people need to get faster at mixing them. Join Bobby Heugel and panelists Meaghan Dorman (Raines Law Room), Alba Huerta (Anvil Bar & Refuge), and Eryn Reece (Death & Company, Mayahuel, Miss Speedrack 2013) as they discuss the best practices and techniques for fast and efficient craft cocktail creation. From specific ways of organizing work stations and batching ingredients to economizing movement, this seminar will teach you how to keep the "quality" aspect of craft while leaving the "time" part behind.

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