Time versus Technology: Agave’s Past and Future

With the growing popularity of agave spirits, the labor-intensive methods of producing the spiky plants are slowly being replaced by new technologies — so much so that distillers have begun to define themselves as much by their unique methods of distillation as they do by the tequila produced. Although advances in technology deserve to be celebrated, are these particular advances truly for the better? With the almost universal embrace of new agave distilling methods, will the quality of the spirits across the market be sacrificed for quantity? In this seminar, a panel of bartenders, agave experts, members of the Tequila Interchange Project and working tequila distillers compare and contrast the ancient, slow production methods with the speedier new ones in an attempt to predict where the tequila industry will go from here.

Thumbnail image on previous page: Amante Darmanin via Flickr

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