The Audacity of Sourced Whiskey

There's no denying that sourced whiskey has a questionable industry reputation. The practice of bottling generic whiskey behind a fake "homegrown" origin story just sounds downright dishonest, and the fallout from the controversy surrounding this practice has spread to a number of honestly sourced whiskey bottlers, who had never tried to hide the origins of their product. The question, though, is if this practice is actually as bad as it seems. It definitely isn't something new, since distilleries in Kentucky sold barrels to each other as far back as 200 years ago, and industry insiders have written about the practice in trade publications numerous times. So, what is the truth behind sourced whiskeys? Fred Minnick, accompanied by panelists David Dykstra, John Little and Wade Woodward, explores the sourced whiskey business, revealing the history of the practice, which distilleries partake in it, and the mindset behind the secrecy. It's time for people to finally understand the intricacies behind this controversial topic, and judge for themselves whether or not it deserves such a degree of public backlash.

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