Behind the Bar

The Shaker and Mover's Guide to Advancement

Making a name for yourself in your community is only the first step. When calls start coming in, and the opportunities pile up, will you be prepared to make the choice between working as a consultant, opening your own bar, or becoming a brand ambassador? As moderator of this seminar Lynnette Marrero of DrinksAt6 and Speed Rack discusses her experiences working as a brand ambassador and industry consultant, while panelists Charles Joly (World Class Winner 2014), Gabriel Orta (co-owner of Bar Lab and Broken Shaker), and Ryan Malkin (an attorney for the alcohol and spirits industries) contribute with information on bar ownership, how to start a brand, and legal considerations. For all who want to know what to pursue after stepping out from behind the bar, this seminar is a must-see.

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