Behind the Bar

Drambusters @ Tales on Tour Edinburgh

In the current "Second Golden Age" of cocktails, a cocktail exists for almost every palate. From spirit preferences, to drink strength, and even extending to color choice, cocktails today enjoy a variety unparalleled by previous eras. However, one important spirit finds itself excluded from the global cocktail scene: Scotch whiskey. Despite its crucial role in developing the original cocktail culture, it fell out of popularity some time around Prohibition, and hasn't truly revitalized since. Mike Aikman of Edinburgh’s famed Bramble Bar, award winning bartenders Ryan Chetiyawardana and Tom Walker, and whisky expert Georgie Bell of John Dewar and Sons aim to change this, as they delve into the evolution of Scotch's role in cocktails, exploring the techniques and ingredients required to bring out the spirit's best qualities. Scotch has a much larger potential than its reputation as a "sipping spirit" gives away, and these skilled bartenders aim to reveal that potential to the world.

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