Behind the Bar

On Creating Cocktail Culture in Small Cities

Though it may seem like a daunting task, it's a noble one — bringing the wide world of elevated imbibing to a small town. Big cities, after all, aren't the only places deserving of a bustling and vibrant cocktail scene. But how do you make this dream a reality? Shawn Soole (owner, S2 Hospitality Concepts), Bradford Knutson (bartender, Dillinger’s Cocktails and Kitchen in Olympia, Washington) and Oron Lerner (owner, French 57 in Tel Aviv, Israel) lay out a plan for bringing a booming cocktail culture to your town. And this video isn't just for small market folks, the panel shares advice that's relevant to bartenders and bar owners in any scenario.

This seminar was created in memory of Brendan Brewster.

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