Behind the Bar

The Cost of a Cocktail

As it turns out, the best things in life (cocktails) aren't free. The question is, how should you price them? While determining your menu prices seems easy at first, a lot more goes into the process than just factoring in ingredient costs. For example, beverage napkins, which may seem irrelevant, can make up a significant difference in profits depending on the types used. In addition, it can be difficult to factor in unpredictable market shifts, such as rising citrus prices or a sudden shortage of a crucial liqueur.

Luckily, Bobby Heugel and Terry Williams are here to walk you through the multiple intricacies of cocktail cost calculation. In this seminar, they'll cover the basics — such as citrus pricing and spirit selection — and strategic pricing, using their own inventory sheets from Anvil Bar & Refuge as examples. If you're looking for ways to maximize profits while avoiding over-pricing, this seminar is a must-see.

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