Behind the Bar

6 Short Talks on Better Bar Business

No matter what your kind of bar or spirits business you run, there are financial responsibilities that cannot be ignored. In this TED Talks-style session, six of the best and the brightest from the bar and spirits world share their most powerful business insights. Philip Duff moderates a session in which Rebekkah Dooley (events, marketing & PR manager at Dead Rabbit NYC and BlackTail) talks about what's happening in London bars, Audrey Fort (Co-founder, The Rooster Factory) gives advice for naming your business, Oron Lerner (owner, French57) gives marketing tips, Naomi Levy (bartender, Eastern Standard) shares her financial prowess, Sarah Lohman (blogger, talks about distilling in Brooklyn and Carin Luna-Ostaseski (founder and CEO, SIA Scotch Whisky) shares the magical potential of crowdfunding.

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