General Ticketing FAQs

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New in 2017

In 2017, we are shifting to a completely digital system. This means that all attendees will have an RFID wristband, and your seminar tickets and tasting room access will be on your wristband. All attendees must pick up and register their wristband at their respective Registration sites.

We are also going paperless with our program. Download the Tales of the Cocktail app, sign in, and create and view your schedule. You will also be able to make any changes to your seminars in-app (purchase more tickets, swap seminars if available). The app will be launched summer 2017.

How to Purchase a Ticket

  1. Click 'Tickets Buy/Log In' in the top right corner of the homepage or via direct link.
  2. Who is the order for?
    1. Yourself or a Confirmed Guest: Enter your/their first name, last name, email address and answer a short demographic section.
    2. A To Be Confirmed Guest: Click 'I do not know who will use these tickets yet'
  3. Click Continue
  4. Review the schedule using the daily tabs.
  5. Add tickets to your order. Any event displaying a price and a green 'Add to Experience' button can be purchased.
    1. Tickets will show up in the right hand order column.
  6. When all events have been added, click complete order.
  7. Complete order billing information.
  8. Enter promo code and click 'Apply Code' (if applicable)
  9. Confirm that you are 21+
  10. Click 'Continue to Checkout'
  11. Review Order and Complete Payment Information

How to Add Additional Guests to Your Order

Information Needed to Place a Guest Order

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Have they attended Tales New Orleans before?
  • Are they a Tales 365 member?
  • Industry Sector (drop down menu)
  1. Under the 'Tales Experience' section, click 'Add New Attendee'
  2. Add the guests information if they are confirmed or click 'I do not know who will use these tickets yet'
  3. Add events to the order
You can switch between any of the open tickets using the blue 'open' button in the guest experience column. Tickets will be saved in each order.
  1. Ensure you are making edits to the correct order. The guests name will be displayed at the top of the right hand column.

How to Qualify for a Tasting Room Wristband

Spend $150 per guest (associated with a single email address)


In order to qualify, we can add a credit to each attendee's account for the difference between the value of tickets you currently have in your cart and the minimum buy in of $150. Click "Apply Credit" after going to the complete order screen.

Alternatively, you can go back at any time and add additional tickets to your cart to meet the minimum $150 ticket threshold.

Setting Your Schedule

Where can I find the entire schedule of seminar, tasting rooms and special events?

How long are Seminars?

  • Seminars are approximately 90 minutes.

How long are Tasting Rooms?

  • This depends on the “type” of Tasting Room. In general, they range from 1.5 to 3 hours. Below is a break down:
    • Morning Bars: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Wednesday-Saturday. Mornings Bars are now hosted at the Hotel Monteleone and Royal Sonesta Hotel.
    • Grab and Geaux: 1.5 hours per session, 3 sessions a day from Tuesday-Saturday.
    • Traditional Tasting Rooms: 2 hours per session, with 2 sessions a day in each room from Wednesday-Saturday
    • Brand Education: 2 hours per session, 2 sessions a day from Tuesday-Saturday
    • Pool Tastings: 2.5 hours a day, Tuesday-Friday
    • The Corner Bar: 3 hours per session, 2 sessions a day from Tuesday-Saturday

How much are seminar tickets?

  • Educational Seminars are $65 per ticket (plus fees).
  • Exclusive Tasting Seminars are $130 per ticket (plus fees).

How much are special event tickets?

  • Special event ticket prices vary between $55 and $300 per ticket.
  • The New Orleans Cocktail Tour is $55 plus fees per ticket.
  • Meet the Distillers Happy Hour is $80 plus fees per ticket.

Is there a general admission or all access pass I can purchase?

  • No, there is no general pass for Tales of the Cocktail. All tickets sold are individual seminar tickets and special event tickets. Orders of $150 or more qualify for a tasting room wristband.

Can I just buy a tasting room wristband?

  • No, the tasting room wristband is not sold individually. In order to add a tasting room wristband to your order, you must purchase at least $150 in seminar tickets per person, then you will have the option to add the tasting room wristband to your order at no extra charge.
  • If you do not spend $150 in tickets when placing your order, you can add the remaining difference required as a credit when you go to the checkout screen.

Where do I get my wristband for the event?

  • Wristband pickup will be at Registration. General Registration will be held in the Evangeline A&B room of the Royal Sonesta Hotel (300 Bourbon Street), and Credential (Media, Sponsor, Presenter) Registration will be held at the Hotel Monteleone (214 Royal Street) in Royal Salon E (near parking garage).

I don’t see any tickets for Dynamic Duos or Spirited Dinners. How do I attend?

  • Dynamic Duos and Spirited Dinners are not ticketed events. Spirited Dinners are booked directly with the the individual restaurant, please call to make your reservations and payment. Dynamic Duos are open to the public with cocktails available for purchase. You do not have to be attending any other Tales of the Cocktail events to take part in the Dining & Drinking events.

Purchasing & Billing Information

When should I purchase tickets to seminars and special events?

  • We suggest purchasing your tickets as soon as you have made a definite decision to attend. Seminars and events will sell out. Tales does not hold any tickets to be released at a later time.
  • Tales 365 Members have a 2 day pre-sale and a 15% discount on ticket orders.

How do I purchase tickets to Tales of the Cocktail?

  • Tickets to seminars and special events are only sold online through our website (
  • We do not offer any “packages”. You are to purchase each individual ticket to each seminar or special event you would like to attend. This way you can build your own schedule!
  • Please note that tickets to special events (Meet the Distillers, the Spirited Awards, and The New Orleans Cocktail Tour) will NOT be sold at the door, so plan accordingly.

Can I buy a ticket without using a credit card? (e.g. cash, check or invoice)

  • No. We only accept debit and credit cards. We are unable to accept cash, checks or invoice for tickets. We accept Discover, American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

Are there any discounts?

How do I apply a discount code to my order?

  • You will be able to apply your discount code on the page after building your schedule(s).

Can I use a discount code to buy credit?

  • No, discount codes may only be used for purchases of seminar tickets and special events tickets.

What will the name of the charge be on my credit card?

  • The charge will appear as TALES OF THE COCKTAIL

How will I know that my order and payment were received?

Why was I charged multiple times for an event?

  • A “pending” charge can either be successful and complete on your statement, or unsuccessful and the result of entering incorrect credit card information. In the case of the latter, the charge should drop off within 7 business days. If you have multiple unexpected charges or don’t recognize the charge(s), please get in touch with us. Any questions can be directed to

Can I get a refund on my ticket order?

  • We are unable to provide refunds, however, you may initiate a credit to use for other events during Tales of the Cocktail. All stored credit will expire at 11:59pm on Saturday, July 22, 2017.

Can I transfer my ticket to a friend?

  • Yes, you may transfer your ticket to a friend by logging into your account and initiating transfer.

Do I have to be at least 21 to attend?

  • Yes, you must be 21 years or older to attend Tales of the Cocktail events.

Your Tickets

Will my name be on my ticket?

  • Yes. Your name and email will be attached to your RFID band.

Can I adjust my seminar and/or event selections after I have purchased my tickets?

  • Yes. Pending availability, you may do so by logging into your account. If using the app you must be in wifi to change seminars or purchase more tickets.

Can I update my ticket information?

  • Yes. You will be able to log in to your account and modify your selected tickets pending availability.

What do I do if there’s a typo in my email address?

  • Email us to let us know!

Will my tickets be mailed to me?

  • No. You will need to pick up your RFID band at Registration upon arrival.

Where are my tickets?

  • In 2017 we are shifting to a completely digital system. Your tickets will be on your RFID band and you will be required to wear it for the entirety of your time at Tales of the Cocktail.

Do I need to print my ticket?

  • There is no need to print anything. All of your tickets will be on your RFID band.

What do I need to pick up my tickets at Registration?

  • You will need a photo ID. It can be a driver’s license, passport, etc. but it must have a photo of you. Expired identifications are not accepted.

What if I purchase my groups’ tickets in one ticket order?

  • Tickets purchased in groups will need to be assigned by the ticket purchaser.

A friend/colleague purchased my tickets for me. How do I claim my tickets?

  • The ticket purchaser will have the opportunity to input other email addresses for those to claim their tickets. You will receive a welcome email to set up your account and manage your tickets.

I don’t yet know the name of the person I’m buying tickets for; can I still make the purchase?

  • Yes, just click the “I don’t know who use these tickets yet” button and you can fill out their name and email later.

I read somewhere about a Code of Conduct. Does that apply to me?

  • Yes. To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, we request that everyone follow the Code of Conduct

Awards FAQs

Where do I find the link to buy tickets?

  • From this page you will see "Buy Spirited Awards Tickets" UNDER the "BUY TICKETS" button in the upper right-hand corner.

Where and when is the Spirited Awards?

  • The Spirited Awards will be on Saturday, July 22 2017 at the Sheraton Hotel (500 Canal). The pre-show Happy Hour will be on the second floor from 6pm to 7pm, and dinner and the show will be from 7pm to 11:30pm in the Napoleon Ballroom on the third floor.

What is the pricing?

  • Seats at the tables in the first 2 rows cost $300 per seat and anything behind the first 2 rows costs $250 per seat.

I don't know what my guests would like to eat; do I have to choose that during purchase?

  • Yes, you must choose the meal time at time of purchase, however, you can change meal selections until Friday, July 7th, 2017 by logging into your account.

If I want to purchase a whole table, can I just buy the table without the individual seat information?

  • We will need to know the information of each of your guests. Your Spirited Awards tickets will connect with your seminar tickets, so you can add in the information later if you don't know who's going yet by logging into your account.

How long do I have to decide what seats I want at the table?

  • Once you've chosen a table on the purchase page, you will have 30 minutes to make your seat selections before another purchaser will be able to view the table.

The Tales wristband is going to clash with my outfit; can I cut it off for the event?

  • No, your ticket for the Spirited Awards will be on your wristband. Your wristband is absolutely necessary for you to attend.

I only received a "purchase confirmation", how do I log in to my account?

  • If you have purchased other tickets, your Spirited Awards tickets will be connected to your account and you will just receive a purchase confirmation. If this is your first purchase for Tales of the Cocktail 2017, you will get a confirmation email and an email prompting you to create your account.

This is the only TOTC event I am attending; where do I get my wristband?

  • You can pick up your wristband at Registration from 9am to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday at the Royal Sonesta OR there will be a will call desk at the Sheraton on the day of Awards.

With any additional questions, please contact


Credentialed (Media, Presenter, Sponsor) Registration is located at our host hotel, Hotel Monteleone (214 Royal Street) in the Royal Rooms A & B, beginning Tuesday, July 19th through Saturday, July 23rd from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Registration will be closed Sunday, July 24th.

General Registration is located at the Royal Sonesta Hotel (300 Bourbon Street) in the Evangeline Rooms A & B, beginning Tuesday, July 19th through Saturday, July 23rd from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Registration will be closed Sunday, July 24th.