Use Housemade Cordials to Speed Up Service

A hand pouring a bottle of cordial into a jigger.
Cordials not only add depth of flavor and balance to cocktails, they can also speed up the process of making them.

Cordials are a familiar concept in the cocktail world. From limoncello to rum pots, they're beloved internationally for their simultaneous simplicity and complexity. These liqueurs can stand alone as a shot or sipper, or they can be built into cocktails. At Edgar's Proof & Provision, a busy hotel bar in Atlanta, Georgia, head bartender Nate Shuman uses them to speed up cocktail service.

By combining several elements of a particular cocktail ahead of time, cordials allow three or more pours to be reduced to just one. In Proof & Provision's cocktail It Calms the Nerves, they use a cordial composed of brandy, housemade cinnamon rosehip syrup and The Dead Rabbit Orinoco Bitters to add depth, sweetness and balance in one fell swoop. Here, Shuman tells us how and why they use cordials for speed:

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