5 Smart Bar Tricks to Learn from YouTube

A man is pouring a liquid flame from one metal mug to another.
Learning one of Jerry Thomas's most iconic moves, the Blue Blazer, is as simple as watching a YouTube video. Renowned bartender Jamie Boudreau demonstrates how to make a Blue Blazer style hot toddy in one of several great videos for learning new techniques to impress your guests.

New year, new tricks. Whether you’re looking to learn something stunning, silly, sophisticated or simple, these YouTube videos offer tips and inspiration to amaze any guest.

The Cherry Trick with Jason Crawley

When you’ve got a hokey middle-aged married couple sitting in front of you at the bar, and they harass you to perform an impressive feat, they won’t believe it when you whip out this classic sleight-of-hand magic trick. It’s easier than it looks at first glance — even you can make cherries, grapefruits and limes vanish and reappear with this tutorial and a little practice.

Throwing Cocktails with Charlotte Voisey

In this video, renowned bartender and Director of Brand Advocacy at William Grant & Sons USA, Charlotte Voisey makes her take on the Negroni by using the European tactic of “throwing.” Throwing the cocktail allows Voisey to avoid bruising the subtle aromatics of gin, it allows aeration, and opens up the flavor profile. It’s a simple and visually compelling means of making a stellar cocktail.

The Serve

Is there anything easy about what these bartenders are doing? No. But, is there inspiration to be easily gleaned and applied to your own techniques? Yes. Witness the finesse, accuracy and delicacy of Japanese bartending technique in this compilation of bartenders in Japan making exceptionally beautiful and complex drinks. Admire their keen attention to detail and try to replicate their grace and artfulness, if you can.

How to Do a Flip to Pour Bottle Trick

Looking for a simple introduction of flair into your bartending practice? Flip to pour. This classic move will captivate your guests and can seamlessly be integrated into making nearly any drink. If it’s a big hit, this video is one of a long series in flair how-to's — the possibilities are endless!

How to Make a Blue Blazer Style Hot Toddy with Jamie Boudreau

In one of the most iconic images of Jerry Thomas, the man himself is pouring a liquid flame between two metal mugs for a drink called the Blue Blazer. You too can learn how to make a Blue Blazer style hot toddy in this video tutorial featuring Jamie Boudreau. But take heed! This is a highly dangerous technique that can result in severe injuries — it is to be practiced with extreme caution. You were warned. And as for the Old Fashioned syrup he mentions? The video instructional to make it can be found here.

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