Agave field
A salted margarita

Getting Salty with a Margarita

Should you always salt the rim of a margarita glass? Just half of it? In the drink itself? The debate continues.

The 1,800-year-old Mural of the Drinkers is located in the city of Cholula, and shows the first evidence of the ritualistic consumption of pulque. Photo courtesy of

Meet Tequila's Ancient Ancestor,...

The alcoholic beverage is native to Mexico, but there are a few significant differences between pulque and other distilled agave spirits like tequila.

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The Sacrifice cocktail features Patron's Extra Añejo.

Viva Mexico! Celebrate Mexican I...

Whether you’re a fan of spice, sweetness, or subtle smoky flavors, we’ve rounded up some of the most festive tequila cocktails to commemorate this ...

Agave-crushing pit in a tequila distillery

Rock On: How the Historic Tahona...

Tequila production goes back to the stone age with the ancient tahona -- we tell you why.

Three glasses of pulque — one pink, one white and one brown.

Chasing 400 Rabbits: Pulque from...

Pulque has played an important role in Mexican drinking culture since the height of the Aztec civilization. After decades of stagnation, it's makin...

From our partner Patrón

The unsung heroes of the tequila industry. Photo courtesy of Patron.

Jimadores: the Unsung Heroes of ...

Without the skilled work of these agave harvesters, tequila production simply wouldn't be possible.

From our partner Patrón

The bar program at the home of Patrón takes a direct approach to its cocktails.

At Home with Patrón

At La Casona in Jalisco, one of the world's most famous tequilas is front and center.

From our partner Patrón

Yucatan Regal flight cocktail, made with Patron Blanco Tequila

Some Twists on Tequila

Tequila, we all know, is for margaritas. But there's no rule that says that's all this classic and versatile spirit can do.

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Small Jalisco Highball

The Jalisco Highball

Isaac Ramon’s fascination with tequila began with his own Mexican ancestry and a recent visit to Patrón Hacienda this past June.

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Hacienda Patron at sunset.

Journey to the Heart of Tequila ...

When you take a group of bartenders to Mexico, adventures are bound to happen.

A foamy cocktail with a straw in a small terra cotta pot container.

Cantarito Cups Might Be the Best...

Cantaritos, a name meaning "little jug" in Spanish, are perfect for cocktails for both visual and practical purposes. Learn how Mexico embraces the...

From our partner Patrón

An agave field in Jalisco, MX.

​How the Patrón Distillery Has G...

The tequila company is an industry leader when it comes to sustainable practices.

Stigibeau cocktail from The Botanika


This spicy mezcal cocktail comes from the Botanika bar in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tepache in large Mason jars being presented.

12 Ways to Think Outside the Sou...

The holiday has become synonymous with buckets of saccharine, neon-hued margaritas, but it doesn't have to be this way. From a modern tequila sunri...

A cocktail with a lime wedge garnish and salt rim.

In Praise of La Paloma, Mexico’s...

In the U.S., La Paloma has been hovering in the margarita's shadow, revered in Mexico but neglected north of the border — a crying shame, if you as...