The Last Straw

According to, the largest non-profit recycler in the US, half a billion plastic straws are used and discarded in the United States every day. Plastic straws cannot be recycled and pose a significant threat to our oceans. Tales of the Cocktail is committed to not using plastic straws at our events, and we're asking our partners to refrain from the use of plastic straws in their Tales of the Cocktail tasting rooms and at offsite events. The Last Straw will serve as a resource and news center dedicated to the topic of reducing waste in restaurants and bars around the world. This page will feature examples of, and techniques for, low-waste cocktails, stories highlighting the efforts of large and small spirit producers to reduce waste, and an open challenge for both venues and bartenders to pledge publicly that they will no longer offer plastic straws to their guests or use them for tasting drinks.

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