Daiquiri Season 2017

Tales of the Cocktail presents the 2nd annual celebration honoring one of the world’s most refreshing cocktails— The Daiquiri! We've partnered with bars across the country and rums from around the world to bring you 30 days of sweet relief in the form of frozen Daiquiris, classic Daiquiris, and Daiquiri twists.

"Grace Under Pressure"

"Grace Under Pressure" Winning D...

This Hemingway-inspired Daiquiri from Tidal Raves in Oregon won the people's choice vote for best Daiquiri!

barrel-melon crop

Barrel-Melon Daiquirini

Watermelon, orange bitters, and Ron del Barrilito rum make for a tasty combination.

brugal aperol crop

Brugal Aperol Daiquiri

One change can make a huge difference: with only one ingredient swap, the classic Hemingway is completely transformed.

aged coconut crop

Aged Coconut Daiquiri

With temperatures dropping everywhere, let the tropical flavors of coconut and rum warm you back up.

Trigo Rum is presented in a decanter-style bottle with a champagne-style cork. Photo courtesy of Trigo.

In Puerto Rico, Rum Production i...

The unofficial spirit of the Caribbean carries on after the storm.

Quintana is the fifth-generation descendant to join the Maestros Roneros.

An Aged Rum Worth Sipping

Drinking rum neat? When it comes to truly tasting exceptional rum, it's often your best bet.

The proudly Puerto Rican rum was born in 1871.

Get to Know This Renowned Puerto...

What makes Barrilito special, other than the fact that non–Puerto Ricans have to get a personal introduction to the stuff, is that it’s aged in she...

Boston's "Daiquiri Time Out" started in the summer of 2010.

It's Time for a Daiquiri Time Out

In this excerpt from his book about Boston cocktail culture, Frederic Yarm interviews the founder of "Daiquiri Time Out."

black magic rum bottle, flowers in background. Fall themed

Add a Little Magic to Your Autum...

This flavorful, spicy spirit is tailor-made for fall.

rheagal crop


What better way is there to declare your allegiance to House Targaryen than making a daiquiri containing actual dragon fruit?

51st crop

The 51st Daiquiri

"Tropical, spicy, and sweet" all perfectly describe this loving homage to Puerto Rico.

malachi daiquiri crop

Malachi's Daiquiri

Pennywise isn't the only Stephen King villain to keep an eye out for.

italian stallion crop

The Italian Stallion

Just like its namesake, this daiquiri will knock you out with its complex juxtaposition of flavors.

Puerto Rican beach by Wikipedia Commons

Always a Clean Finish: How Don Q...

Not only known for quality rum, in the last decade the Serrallés family has made strides in implementing sustainable technology and initiatives.

the shrubbery crop

The Shrubbery

This daiquiri is sure to appease the demands of the Knights who say (or, formerly said) "Ni."

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