Aperitif Week 2017

Welcome to Aperitif Week 2017! Enjoy the stories and recipes below and get involved on Instagram by posting your own #AperitifWeek cocktails!

a rainbow over a canyon

A Rainbow of Aperitif Cocktails

This Instagram roundup's for all the lovers and dreamers (and aperitif fans) out there.

Aperitifs and Digestifs have different flavor profiles and alcohol content, but both provide an elegant bookend to a multi-course meal.

​Aperitif & Digestif: The Booken...

Whether you're about to embark on a multi-course meal or winding down from a feast, these two types of drinks will guide your palate along the way.

aperol cocktail

Aperol Elderflower Cocktail

Herbal and sweet, @cocktail_circus's concoction is a delicious before-dinner treat.

Sanctuary cocktail


Take a sip of this quintessentially French cocktail.

Union Club Redux

The Union Club Redux

A splash of Peychaud's Aperitivo adds a Louisiana spin to this Seattle staple.

The Aperol Spritz is a classic cocktail, but that doesn't mean you can't switch it up every now and then.

Put Your Own Spin on the Aperol ...

To offer a little inspiration, we hit up a couple bartenders who relish in deviating from the norm when it comes to this Italian favorite.

Upper West Side cocktail

The Upper West Side

A riff on the classic Martinez, this juniper-forward drink also adds a bite of botanical with the addition of Fernet-Branca.

Aperitivo Select

Select Spritz

The Select Spritz is a classic spritz made with Aperitivo Select

brandy crusta

Brandy Crusta

Sip on over a century's worth of history with the Brandy Crusta

turmeric suze sour

Turmeric Suze Sour

@curiousbartender's concoction embraces bitterness with turmeric and Suze.

Aperitivo Select's history goes back to the Original Venetian Spritz cocktail, a staple of Italian happy hours.

Forget Happy Hour. It's Aperitiv...

It should come as no surprise that Italians had a hand in inventing the original happy hour, and with it, the classic after-work cocktail for socia...



This traditional Chilean cocktail puts a South American spin on the classic Manhattan.

There are three ways to find a rare bottle of Chartreuse: bottle dusting, estate sales, and collectors. Photo via Wikipedia Commons.

A Guide to Collecting Vintage Ch...

From learning how to date bottles and what varieties are most sought-after, a Chartreuse enthusiast gives his tips for collecting this mysterious e...


WE SPRITZ : From Classic Aperiti...

Explore the benefits of hopping on the low ABV trend with Leo Robitschek, Giuseppe Gallo, Anne-Louise Marquis, Talia Baiocchi, and Rudi Carraro

teenage wasteland

Teenage Wasteland

Inspired by Tonia Guffey's "Teenage Riot," @tippleandnosh's cocktail is a throwback to classic 70's rock.

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