Tales of the Cocktail® House Policy

First and foremost, residence-based events present a serious liability. We do not encourage any type of house party environment, as they lack the infrastructure necessary for safe and secure events. As your hosts for the week, we take responsibility for all of our attendees, and want everyone’s experience to be socially gratifying and generally positive without risk of incidents in environments where we’re unable to see to their safety.

Residence-based events takes money directly from the pockets of bartenders and other hospitality workers in the industry. The local bartenders, bar backs, chefs, and venue owners are your customers, and we ask that all hosted events work toward their benefit and participation. Spending your dollars in their business results in them spending their dollars to purchase, promote, enjoy, and sell your products.

The city of New Orleans and many of its hotels and venues work with Tales of the Cocktail® and the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation in order to facilitate this event each year. They see Tales of the Cocktail as an economic benefit to the city during a time of year that would otherwise be an economic drought. In order to offer more than 80 seminars annually, we must secure hotel space, meeting space and other necessities. We negotiate hotel rates as low as $99.00 during the event, and when you stay at a partner hotel you contribute to our success and help keep people in the New Orleans hospitality industry employed.

We invest heavily in our effort to bring the best talent in the world to lead seminars and events for you to attend. We work with our local partners to provide the infrastructure for a variety of other events, tastings and experiences so attendees have ample opportunity to enjoy themselves and experience spirits and cocktails every day throughout the week. All of our guests want the opportunity to interact with your team and to engage with your brand, and we are always willing to work with you to accommodate quality experiences to that end.

Please help us contribute to our local hospitality industry and to the overall safety, security and gratification of Tales of the Cocktail attendees by refraining from creating residence-based events. We very much appreciate it.

Thank you.

The Tales of the Cocktail Team