Six Recipes to Shake Up National Daiquiri Day

In our humble opinion, the daiquiri is one of the best examples of a classic cocktail. It has a fascinating history, it's easy to make, and (most importantly), it tastes absolutely delicious. Just because it's a classic, though, doesn't mean it's sacred, and these six recipes prove that there's nothing wrong with changing perfection. Of course, you can't bring up the daiquiri without mentioning its frozen variant; while it's far from the drink that Hemingway sipped in Cuba, the frozen daiquiri has earned an equally beloved reputation throughout the years. Besides, even if you're a daiquiri purist, you have to admit that two drinks are always better than one. Happy National Daiquiri Day!

Brown Bag Daiquiri

A cocktail in a coupe glass, garnished with lime and wrapped with brown paper. Photo by Sharon Pye.

Mezcal and malt honey syrup bring a warm, smoky earthiness to this daiquiri variation. Created by Jesse Carr of Balise (New Orleans, Louisiana).


A cocktail in a Collins glass, garnished with a lime. Photo by Sharon Pye.

Rich and citrus-y with the kick of cold-brew coffee. Created by Caitlin O'Brien of Felipe's Mexican Taqueria in the French Quarter.

The Hornswoggler Daiquiri

Daiquiri garnished with chocolate shavings Photo: Sharon Pye.

High Hat Cafe's Hornswoggler Daiquiri adds white creme de cacao, chocolate shavings and a Chartreuse rinse to the standard daiquiri formula. Doris Metropolitan's Ranchero Daiquiri adds tequila, amaro and rose cordial to the formula.

The Ranchero Daiquiri

Daiquiri in a cocktail glass Photo: Sharon Pye Photography.

Doris Metropolitan's Ranchero Daiquiri adds tequila, amaro and rose cordial to the formula.

Tequila'n Me Smalls

A pink cocktail garnished with cream and mint. Photo by Sharon Pye.An elevated tiki take on a frozen daiquiri with watermelon, peppercorn, mint and smoke. Created by Will Butler of Tiki Tolteca (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Cane & Table's Daiquiri No. 6

Cane & Table's Daiquiri No. 6 Photo: Sharon Pye.Nick Detrich's Daiquiri No. 6 adds grapefruit and dark creme de cacao to the equation.

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