In the last year, Pisco's popularity has skyrocketed in the cocktail world. If you've never experimented with the South American spirit outside of a Pisco Sour, the Pichuncho is a great place to start. It incorporates Pisco into the familiar Manhattan recipe, so you can still get a feel for Pisco's uniquely herbal flavor profile without stepping too far into unfamiliar cocktail territory. What's not to love? Instagram post credited to @faragulla_shop.

(Translation: Today, I'm sharing the Pichuncho, a classic Chilean-style cocktail, with you. It's a very interesting cocktail: it has a structure that's very similar to the Manhattan, but features Pisco as its star ingredient. We'll be putting the history of the cocktail and a full recipe up on our blog soon. Happy end of the week

  • 2¼ oz / 67.5 ml of Pisco
  • 1½ oz / 45 ml sweet vermouth
  • 1 cu. / 5 ml palm honey (or simple syrup, 2:1)
  • orange skin for garnish

Shake with ice, strain into a chilled martini glass to serve.)

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