No Smoke Without Fire

Submitted by Nicole Sykes of Edinburgh's The Voyage of Buck. "This was a drink I entered into the Tapatio cocktail competition in association with my favorite spirit, tequila," she says. "This is a drink I am particularly proud of as this was my first cocktail competition with the bar I work in, and one I will always remember. The inspiration behind this creation was to tribute mother nature. I used earth-found ingredients to complement the way in which tequila is produced from ground to bottle. I wanted to showcase how easy it was to use ingredients grown and found all around us, which I continue to do."


  • 60 milliliters Tapatio Blanco
  • 12.5 milliliters nettle and birch syrup (recipe below)
  • 3 dashes aromatic bitters
  • pine needles and bark (for smoke)


Smoke pine needles and bark, and hold a brandy balloon glass over the smoke. Stir other ingredients and serve straight up in the smoked glass.

To make nettle and birch syrup:

Dehydrate 100 grams of nettle and birch leaves, then brew them in a 2:1 ratio caster sugar syrup.