Maccabeats by Dreidel

D.C.'s Drink Company is known for their epic pop-ups and creative cocktails. Their latest is the Miracle on 7th Street, a holiday-themed bar for everyone.
For many, the holiday season means Chinese food and a movie. This cocktail fits the bill.
For many, the holiday season means Chinese food and a movie. This cocktail with plum sauce fits the bill.

Maccabeats by Dreidel

by Drink Company senior bar manager Paul Taylor

  • 0.75 oz. Cotton & Reed White Rum
  • 0.5 oz. Martell VS Cognac
  • 0.5 oz. Manzanilla
  • 1 oz. Plum Sauce**
  • 0.25 oz. Orange Juice
  • 0.5 oz. Lemon Juice

Directions: Shake, strain over crushed ice in double Old Fashioned/rocks glass, garnish with a plastic dreidel.

**Plum Sauce Syrup

  • 900 grams plum juice (700 grams plums + 500 grams water blended + strained)
  • 300 grams white granulated sugar
  • 975 grams brown sugar
  • 650 grams prunes
  • 75 grams caramelized pineapple concentrate
  • 500 grams ginger juice (250 grams ginger + 250 grams water blended + strained)
  • 80 grams szechuan peppercorns
  • 80 grams cinnamon
  • 40 grams cloves
  • 40 grams star anise
  • 50 grams soy sauce
  • 20 grams apple cider vinegar

Directions: Toast spices in a stockpot. Add all ingredients, except acids, to stockpot and bring to a boil, smash the prunes with a potato masher during this process, then turn off heat. Transfer contents into a cambro located in an ice bath. Allow to cool then strain through chinois. LABEL TWICE + DATE + REFRIGERATE.

If not making the plum sauce syrup, take packaged / store bought hoisin and replace the plum sauce in the above recipe with 3/4 oz. Hoisin.

Jake Emen is a spirits, travel, and food writer who's been published in USA Today, GQ, Vice Munchies, Roads & Kingdoms, and elsewhere. Follow him on the socials at @ManTalkFood.

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