Ghost World

Overhead photo of a mint julep cocktail with matcha powder
Barlow's Ghost World, a Japanese-influenced mint julep with mint, matcha and Nikka whiskey. (Photo: Aaron Wessling)

Tom Lindstedt, bar director at Barlow (Portland, Oregon), created this Japanese-inspired julep for an episode of "Last Meal," an upcoming web series created by the bar's co-owners.


  • 112 ounce Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey
  • 1 ounce apple brandy
  • 12 ounce rich simple syrup
  • 3-4 shiso leaves
  • 3-4 mint leaves


Add simple syrup, mint and shiso leaves to glass and muddle. Add brandy and whiskey to glass with crushed ice and stir. Garnish with a shiso leaf and sprinkle of matcha powder.