Cameron's Remedy

"The cocktail I've got here is a digestif styled cocktail, great for after a meal, if your bloated or got stomach ache," says creator Cameron Fielding of Guilty by Association"But more to the point it works wonders for curing a hangover! A quick one of these before a shift after I've been out drinking the night before does the job. It's the hangover remedy to help you continue drinking. It started of with just Fernet Branca, something I would shot if I was hungover to help me out and I slowly built up the rest of the remedy 'till it was this delicious elixir."

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  • 25 milliliters cognac
  • 25 milliliters Fernet Branca
  • 25 milliliters amaretto
  • 2 bar spoons Luxardo Maraschino


Stirred down over cubed ice and garnished with 2 brandied cherries to symbolise the 2 barspoons of maraschino liqueur.