9 Recipes that Redefine the Daiquiri

Daiquiri garnished with lime
Chris Hannah's Creole Muse, a daiquiri with the addition of Ojen (an anise liqueur), is one example of creative ways in which bartenders are rethinking and reimagining the classic drink. Photo: Sharon Pye Photography.

We know, we know: you can’t go wrong with a classic. The status of the original Floridita daiquiri as one of the quintessential cocktails is undisputed: it’s simple and straightforward, yet complex and perfectly balanced. But that’s not to say you can’t riff on it — and riffing on a classic is perhaps what bartenders do best.

This month, a.k.a. Daiquiri Season, we asked TK beloved New Orleans drinking destinations to craft a recipe in homage to, or inspired by, the daiquiri. The results run the gamut from refined to retro to whimsical (and, let’s be honest, we’d expect nothing less from New Orleans bartenders). Check out a few of the convention-defying daiquiris below, and keep an eye out for more recipes to come:

Cane & Table Daiquiri No. 6

Cane & Table's Daiquiri No. 6 Nick Detrich's Daiquiri No. 6 adds grapefruit and dark creme de cacao to the equation. Photo: Sharon Pye.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Rather than totally overhauling the recipe, Cane & Table builds on a recipe that’s already proven the test of time, simply adding grapefruit, dark creme de cacao and a sprinkle of smoked sea salt to the rum-lime-simple equation. The end result is an elevated daiq that still pays respect to its roots. Get the recipe.

Latitude 28 Deadbeat Daiquiri

Frozen daiquiri in a Pearl Diver glass Latitude 29's frozen daiquiri recipe is just as complex and refreshing as the tiki cocktails they're known for.

This seven-ingredient frozen concoction from Latitude 29 isn’t exactly the kind of thing one can quickly whip up — but then again, Jeff “Beach Bum” Berry isn’t exactly the kind of bartender who keeps it basic. Lychee nuts, coconut liqueur and a few other goodies are blended with Cana Brava Rum for a daiquiri that recalls the sweet, tropical, nutty notes of tiki classics. Serve in a Pearl Diver glass for maximum enjoyment. Get the recipe.

Catahoula’s Rum Cannonball

Frozen daiquiri garnished with an orchid Falernum and pineapple combine to make this poolside-worthy cocktail from the Catahoula in New Orleans. Photo: Sharon Pye.

Catahoula might be the new kids on the block in New Orleans, but they know their way around a frozen drink (remember the Drunk Tank?). They proved their chops this Daiquiri Season with this creation, which netted them top honors in the Frozen Drink category and mixes rum with pineapple, falernum and lime juice for a slightly tiki take. Get the recipe.

Felipe’s Rumskull

A cocktail in a Collins glass, garnished with a lime. Rumskull. Photo by Sharon Pye.

We already know that coffee and booze are a match made in heaven. So it makes sense that cold-brew coffee would make the perfect daiquiri addition, as proven with this creation from Felipe’s Taqueria. The Rumskull layers that sweet caffeinated elixir with dark, spiced Black Magic Rum, white rum, falernum, a touch of cream and orange liqueur. Get the recipe.

French 75’s Creole Muse

Daiquiri pictured alongside a bottle of Legendre Ojen New Orleans' love affair with anise gets a shout-out in this daiquiri riff from French 75's Chris Hannah. Photo: Sharon Pye.

If you haven’t tried Ojen, allow Chris Hannah to introduce you: the anise spirit has a rather tumultuous history and a cult following in New Orleans, where the Sazerac Company recently resurrected it to the joy of many a bartender. Hannah, main man at Arnaud’s French 75, integrates into his Creole Muse daiquiri alongside two types of rum, lime juice and agave nectar. Get the recipe.

High Hat’s Hornswoggler

Daiquiri garnished with chocolate shavings High Hat Cafe's Hornswoggler Daiquiri adds white creme de cacao, chocolate shavings and a Chartreuse rinse to the standard daiquiri formula. Photo: Sharon Pye.

It’s so simple, yet so decadent: a classic daiquiri made that much more indulgent, thanks to the addition of white creme de cacao, a Chartreuse rinse and shaved chocolate. Talk about a powerhouse trio. Get the recipe.

Josephine Estelle’s Snapvisa Sour

Daiquiri garnished with thyme sprig The Snapvisa Sour adds aquavit and Cardamaro to this riff on a daiquiri. Photo: Sharon Pye Photography.

Still hot out? Hightail it to Scandinavia with this creation from the Ace Hotel’s Josephine Estelle, where rum is nixed in favor of the caraway-forward spirit aquavit, brightened up with a touch of lemon and given a little backbone with Cardamaro. Get the recipe.

Palace Cafe’s Amarillo Amor

Daiquiri on a windowsill A tropical daiquiri with pineapple, banana and lime created at New Orleans' Palace Cafe. Photo: Sharon Pye.

A banana daiquiri might sound like something unfortunate you’d spot at a chain resort bar circa 1985, but let us assure you: banana is back, and it’s nothing like the cloying flavors of low-brow liqueurs. Palace Cafe ushers in the era of the banana with their Amarillo Amor, which combines lime, ginger and rum with Giffard Banane du Bresil. Get the recipe.

Seaworthy’s Good Ships/Wood Ships

Daiquiri in a cocktail coupe glass Seaworthy New Orleans adds complexity and dimension to the daiquiri with the addition of Genepy des Alpes and Giffard Creme de Pamplemousse Rose.

Taking home top honors for Daiquiri Season in the non-frozen category is this drink from NOLA newcomer Seaworthy, which utilizes Giffard Creme de Pamplemousse Rose and Genepy des Alpes alongside the usual daiquiri suspects of rum, lime and simple syrup for an unexpected take. Get the recipe.

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