The Ultimate List of Flasks for Discreet Drinking on Any Occasion

Stack of three ceramic bracelets with corks next to a lime wedge.
Flasks don't have to be confined to the inside of your pocket; these ceramic bracelet flasks make a fashion statement of their own. Photo courtesy of Areaware.

Nothing says the holidays like a snowy wonderland, a yule log on the fire, and a flask of whiskey in your pocket for discreet drinking when your family’s around. Whether you’re planning for yourself or you’re giving one as a gift, there’s a flask out there for everyone, from the luxury design connoisseur to the outdoorsman to the fashion plate.

“A great flask is something that looks cool and holds the temperature of the drink you place in it, whether hot or cold,” says Simon Ford, expert bartender and co-founder of The 86 Co. “I also like something that fits well in my pocket and is discreet in case I need to sneak a drink somewhere I am not supposed to.”

We’ve rounded up some of the best flasks out there to keep your holiday season in — dare we say — high spirits.

A man pouring a shot into the lid of his flask. The handmade and sophisticated Kole thermal flask maintains a drink's temperature whether hot or cold and, as an added perk, its lid functions as a shot glass.

1. The Kole thermal flask ($93) is a sleek, sophisticated cylinder made of oak and stainless steel. It’s completely handmade, with each flask individually crafted, and its insulation makes it a winner for both hot and cold beverages. A promo video shows a suave man pulling it out of his blazer to drink whiskey by his motorcycle, so this flask ought to please even the coolest people in your life.

2. The Tom Cecil Flask ($475) comes in a stunning axe-blade shape in either brass or polished stainless steel. It only holds about two shots, but you’ll be the belle of your New Year’s Eve ball each time you pull this designer beauty out of your purse for a nip.

Canvas flask with a plus sign on it that says "Thirst Aid." Totes and Able canvas flasks come in a wide variety of designs, but we're partial to having the Thirst Aid flask on-hand in case of emergencies.

3. Tote and Able makes eco-friendly canvas flasks with a silicone cap that doubles as a shot glass. We’re partial to the 8 oz. Thirst Aid flask ($18), but their trendy designs run the gamut from American flags to gingham to Dia de Los Muertos skulls. The flasks also come in 4 oz. versions.

4. Any outdoor adventurer worth his salt no doubt already has a Stanley thermos, so he’ll trust a stainless steel Stanley flask for holding his most precious liquids. The Stanley Adventure SS Flask ($18) holds 5 ounces and comes in four different colors, including the classic green. It’s the perfect flask to tuck into your backpack — or into someone’s stocking.

A round flask with a glass porthole. Hate wondering whether or not you're about to drain your stash? Our own TOTC flask has a port-hole to take the guesswork out of sneaky drinking.

5. Our signature Tales Port-Hole Flask ($15) is perfectly round and features a useful little window that won’t leave you in any doubt about what’s inside or whether you need to refill. With a 6-oz. capacity, it’s the perfect size to fit in your pocket and always have on hand.

A copper flask with a cork stopper. Ideal for true patriots and lovers of Americana, Jacob Bromwell's Great American Flask is handcrafted and true to its original 1819 design, down to its birch wood stopper. Photo courtesy of Jacob Bromwell.

6. Priding itself on being “as old as bourbon itself,” the Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask ($200) is handcrafted and true to its original 1819 design, down to its birch wood stopper. Made of pure copper, this gleaming flask is sheer elegance.

7. This Ceramic Flask ($92) puts an appealing twist on a familiar shape. Toeing the line between vintage and modern, this flask would fit perfectly into a contemporary home and into the pocket of its lucky inhabitants.

8. There are times when a flask needs to be less conspicuous than others, and though this Binocular Flask ($15) is a conspicuous object, it’s a pretty secret flask. Made to look like a real pair of binoculars, it holds 16 ounces of alcohol. Perfect for the ornithologist with a sense of humor or your festival-loving cousin. (For a one-of-a-kind spin on this flask, look for vintage binocular flasks on Etsy.)

A hand holding a cedar wood flask. Woodchuck's cedar flask is a pocket-sized piece of perfection that’s real cedar wood on the outside and stainless steel on the inside. Photo courtesy of Woodchuck.

9. We can almost smell the intoxicating scent of cedar and bourbon you’d expect from Woodchuck’s gorgeous Cedar Flask ($40). Holding three ounces, it’s a pocket-sized piece of perfection that’s real cedar wood on the outside and stainless steel on the inside. Woodchuck makes flasks from other wood as well (like rosewood, walnut and ebony), and they can all be custom-engraved with text or art.

10. A fashionable drinker is sure to appreciate these Object & Totem porcelain bracelet flasks ($35). Available in turquoise, black, and white, the stackable round bracelets hold a shot’s worth of liquor and will dress up any outfit — and spice up any outing.

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