Take Your Next Holiday on the Road with These Bottled Beverages

We rounded up a few of our favorite to-go drinks and matched them with upcoming holidays.
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Check out these bottled beverages before your next trip or holiday gathering. Photo by Pixabay.

Sometimes, you just need the ease of cracking open a can or twisting the top off of a bottle.

And sometimes, you especially need that ease when celebrating a holiday – especially when you don’t have time to play bartender at your own party. Here’s a list of canned (or bottled) beverages with holidays to match:

End of Summer Barbecue

Crafthouse Cocktails Southside: The grill is hot, but instead of cracking open a brewsky or mixing up a batch of mojitos, pop open a Southside. “The flavors of gin and mint go wonderfully together with the citrus, and CH Distillery here in Chicago make a gin specifically for this cocktail,” says Charles Joly, founder and mixologist of Crafthouse Cocktails.

Photo courtesy of Crafthouse Cocktails.

Back to School Daze

Bad Larry’s Cold Brewed Hard Coffee: When it’s hectic and crazy, you need some caffeine – but you also may need a harder beverage. Larry’s is bitter, malty and a bit unbalanced – just like your life might be in the transition from summer to school.

Women’s Suffrage Day (August 26)

Courage + Stone’s Gin Old Fashioned: For women’s suffrage day, you need a beverage created by a strong woman, perhaps someone like Aisha Tyler. “Much like the idea of women voting a century ago, the Gin Old Fashioned feels like a new concept, but as soon as you try it, it feels like a beloved and revered tradition,” says Aisha Tyler, actress, director, comedian, talk show host, and now mixologist and founder of Courage + Stone, which is making its debut this year. “Plus, it’s faintly pink for the strong feminist in you who isn’t afraid to show her delicate side.”

Labor Day

Courage + Stone's Whiskey Old Fashioned or Tangent’s newly released 2016 canned Rosé: “Made with whiskey, it’s sweet enough to feel like a reward for a job well done and muscular enough to propel you forward into your next battle for justice,” Tyler quips.

“The Rosé is perfect for soaking in those sweet, extra seconds of summer,” says Vanessa Igel, spokeswoman for the wine. “There’s no summer seconds wasted opening a bottle, either.”

courage + stone


Argus Cidery’s Ginger Perry or Courage + Stone’s Black Manhattan: While bobbing for apples might make Argus’s Apple Bomb Cider a natural fit, Halloween’s a holiday that spices things up, so the nod goes to the Ginger Perry, as it has the “dry and spicy elements to it,” says Wes Mickel, founder of Argus Cidery. “Our idea was how to introduce people to perries (pear ciders), and we know people like ginger ale, so let’s reverse-engineer this and use pears as our medium.” And just like Halloween, perries don’t have to be so scary, either.

“Dark, mysterious and sophisticated, the Manhattan has robust chocolate notes to satisfy the candy hound in you, and the smooth richness will help you forget the neighborhood kids just papered your house. And garage. And dog,” Tyler says.

Holiday Travel

Crafthouse Cocktail’s Moscow Mule: Spicy enough to wake you up before your plane leaves, and smooth enough to smother the rough edges plane travel evokes, Joly’s Moscow Mule is darn near perfect. Plus, it’s served in bottles on United Airlines flights.


SoulBoxer’s Brandy Old Fashioned: There’s the regular Old Fashioned cocktail, and then there’s Wisconsin’s version, made with brandy and usually muddled with maraschino cherries and oranges. SoulBoxer’s take is more sophisticated, made with Door County cherries…and it goes well with all of the sweet and spicy offerings on the table. But if brandy’s not your thing, SoulBoxer also does a bourbon version.

brandy old fashioned

Holiday shopping

Campari’s bottled Negroni: Yeah, it’s pretty easy to stir together gin, vermouth and Campari, but after fighting the crowds at the mall, the last thing you want to do is make an effort with anything else, so that’s why this effortless Negroni is perfect to quaff your thirst.


Argus Cidery’s Apple Bomb: Bubbly and over-the-top apple-y, this cider offers up nostalgic flavors, which is what this holiday’s all about. “Plus, it tastes like a fresh-pressed apple with a balance of sweetness and dryness that just hits you right in the middle,” Mickel says.

New Year’s Eve

Argus Cidery’s Ciderkin: Effervescent, with bready, champagne aromas, this is a cider to ring in the New Year. “It’s like a sparkling wine, but it’s got a lower ABV so you can drink it all night and not feel terrible the next morning,” Mickel says.

Jeanette Hurt is the author of Drink Like a Woman and is an award-winning writer focused on spirits, food and travel.

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