Ancho Reyes Is Releasing A New Green Chile Liqueur

Ancho Verde debuting at William Grant & Sons' portfolio party
Verde is a brighter, more herbaceous version of Ancho Reyes' signature smoky chile liqueur. Photos: Jennifer Mitchell Photography.

Fans of Ancho Reyes know that the liqueur is sort of like the Sriracha of cocktail ingredients: it instantly ups the ante (and the Scoville factor) on drinks with its smoke, spice and subtle sweetness. (And, much like Sriracha, it seems to have quite the dedicated cult following among bartenders and cocktail lovers.) Now, dedicated fans of the liqueur are about to have a new toy to play with: Ancho Reyes Verde.

The limited-edition bottling actually uses the same foundational ingredient as Ancho Reyes’ eponymous smoky liqueur: the poblano chile. In this iteration, though, the flavor experience is totally different — the liqueur is bright, peppery, herbaceous, and… well, green. It’s akin to biting into a raw pepper fresh from the garden, as opposed to the smoky sweet heat of a roasted chile.

Bartender serving green chile pepper cocktails The new liqueur from Ancho Reyes unofficially debuted at this year's Tales of the Cocktail at the William Grant & Sons portfolio party. Photo: Jennifer Mitchell Photography.

As ardent fans of the spicy cocktail, we’ve been closely following the news about this product ever since we first spotted whisperings of it on social media in June, when agave expert and Ancho Reyes cofounder Ivan Saldana snapped a photo of the bottle at Edinburgh’s landmark cocktail bar, Bramble. Earlier this year, Saldana (who was born in Guadalajara and also founded Montelobos Mezcal) told Imbibe that “Ancho Reyes is extraordinary because it is capable of transmitting, in the purest form, what chiles are.” This latest project just seems to be a natural step for Saldana and Ancho Reyes as they spread the gospel of chile peppers to bars far beyond Mexico.

If you happened to be at William Grant and Sons’ “Party on Your Palate” at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail, you may be part of the exclusive club who’s already tried it: Ancho Reyes unofficially debuted the product in a bright, peppery cocktail at the event. If not, you hopefully won’t have to wait too long: Verde will make its market debut in the New York metro area this September.

‘Til then, you can always slake your chile-thirst with a few of our favorite Ancho Reyes cocktail recipes:

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