Preparer of Bait

bait preparer Pictured: you. (Photo: Public Domain)

As the preparer of the bait, your role might not be particularly dangerous, but, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Without you, the trappers wouldn’t stand a chance of luring the bears out of their dens, and your family would probably have a significantly higher rate of “bear deaths” (and they already have a fair number of those as it is). Dew dampens the soles of your boots as you head towards the back of your stone cabin, to a small wooden shack where you ready the bait. An intoxicatingly sweet smell begins to fill your nostrils as you draw closer, and you feel a smile begin to form on your lips. Your bait is pretty special: you’ve even had some of the local nobility stop by–in person–to request it for their own hunts. It’s all thanks to your secret recipe, a recipe that…

Has been passed down your family through generations

You stumbled upon completely by accident

You learned from some nearby beekeepers