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We are currently updating with 2018 vendors so please check back in the new year.

2017 Preferred Vendors

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Permitting | Photography and Video | Rentals | Signage and Printing | Tattoos | Transportation |

Audio Visual


We recommend Royal Productions for all of your Audio Visual needs. They are very familiar with every space we are working in during Tales of the Cocktail—Hotel Monteleone, Royal Sonesta and off-site.

Hotel Monteleone Royal Productions Contact:
Tramon Gaddison | | (504) 236-6403

Royal Sonesta Royal Productions Contact:
Chad Korach | | (504) 460-2671

Beauty Services

Located in the historic Hotel Monteleone, Spa Aria is a cozy retreat tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the lively French Quarter. It's the perfect place to come in, relax and unwind. From the soft glow of candles to the infusion of fragrance, Aria transcends you to a place of repose.
Whether it's a massage with soothing aromatherapy, a Destress facial, or a perfectly polished Manicure, our services are tailor-made with you in mind. We are New Orleans' best kept spa secret and will be your breath of fresh air during your Tales of the Cocktail festivities.
*Appointment confirmation policy: All appointments must be secured with a credit card within 24hr of request, which may be done by email or phone.
- Spa Aria Pricing and Packages
- Sandy Blum | | (504) 296-4999
- Cindy Cocke |


Marie's Fleur de Lis
Marie's Fleur de Lis Catering has extensive resources and experience that puts them among the most qualified caterers for any corporate function.
Contact: Marie Hasney- - (504)-304-0567
Nolavore is a New Orleans-based full service catering company specializing in high quality cuisine utilizing local and seasonal ingredients. Our classically trained chefs oversee the preparation of a variety of fresh, healthful menus: prepared meals, catered dinners and cocktail parties, corporate lunches, pastries, preserves, and baked goods. We proudly support and promote local and sustainable agriculture, fishing operations, farmer's markets, and regional food producers whenever possible, not only for the health and vitality of our clients, but for that of our own food economy as well. In addition to catering, we do lease out the kitchen to other caterers/food producers. The drop-in rate is $30 per hour, with a deposit based upon how many hours/days they would need the kitchen.
Contact: Anne Lloyd | | (504) 914-3161

Ralph Brennan Catering &
In New Orleans, the best catering professionals are the

ones whose restaurants you already know and love: for the past 30 years, the

Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group has defined New Orleans cuisine and seamless

service. Ralph Brennan Catering &

Events brings that same flavor, flair, and expertise to your Tales of the Cocktail event, taking all

the stress out of planning, preparation, execution, and clean-up. With menus

that emphasize local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients in dishes ranging

from classic creole to cutting-edge contemporary, Executive Chef Christopher

Vazquez and his team serve up a memorable occasion every time.

Contact: Gail Varuso, Director of Sales | | (504) 539-5515

My House

Your guests are ready for something new! My House Social customizes catering, bringing innovative chefs and food trucks together from across New Orleans to collaborate on menus unique to your event. Dreaming of a a menu featuring a whole roast pig, an oyster bar, Cuban fare, and sno-balls, all lovingly crafted by inventive chefs specializing in each genre? No problem. Our method of customization means we can curate menus for every sort of budget and atmosphere- from casual affairs featuring food trucks to elegant, coursed celebrations. We also know amazing off-the beaten path venues and can help with all aspects of production.

We had a blast partnering with Leblon in 2016 to produce their Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Dinner at the French Market, and can't wait to get to work on the menu for your unique Tales 2017 event! Looking for catering with story, personality, and color? Look no further. My House Social will make your job easier and leave your guests talking.

Contact: Barrie Schwartz (504) 266-0379


In efforts to maximize your Tales of the Cocktail experience, we recommend an array of childcare services for the little ones that are catered towards your individual needs.

Ms. White (504) 566-0759 | Ms. White has provided individual services for many years at the Hotel Monteleone.
Dependable Kid Care— | (504) 486-5044
Gifted Nurses | (504) 831-2123

Cocktail Ingredients

Rouses Supermarkets—
Rouses is the official grocer of Tales of the Cocktail. Tales of the Cocktail highly recommends that you work with Rouses for any of your non-spirits Tasting Room needs.

The closest location is:
Rouses Market #46 701
Baronne Street, NOLA 70130

To place an order with Rouses, please send an email to the following individuals. Place any orders on or before June 29, 2017.
- Amanda Kennedy |
- Jeremy Simmons | | (504) 227-3838
- Patrick Morris |

Fever Tree—
Fever Tree is always the source of highest quality ingredients for our range of premium natural mixers. Available flavors are Club Soda, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Elderflower Tonic, Mediterranean Tonic, Naturally Light Ginger Beer, Naturally Light Tonic Water, Sparkling Lemon, and Tonic Water. Contact: Trevor Higbee | for additional product information.

Hella Co. Premium Cocktail Bitters and Syrups -
Hella Co. is pleased to offer official partners of Tales of the Cocktail a complimentary variety of handcrafted goods that raise the bar on the imbibing and culinary experience. We currently produce and distribute a line of cocktail bitters and syrups. Our products are crafted in small batches with the finest ingredients available, the resulting quality is no coincidence. The bitters flavors are Aromatic, Orange, Citrus, Ginger, and Smoked Chili. The syrup flavors are Tonic, Hibiscus, and Cola.
Hella Co. Product Catalog:
*Three weeks noticed required and orders need to be in by June 10th.
Contact: Jomaree Pinkard | | (646) 267-3341

HPS Epicurean is a third-generation company specializing in international wines, spirits, beers and gourmet specialties. They are offering a unique array of culinary products including gourmet flavored salts, drinking syrups and vinegars, and cocktail fruits. The Sal de Gusano salt is savory in flavor, with prominent notes of Oaxacan chili. Rich and complex, it is a hand-ground blend of dried Maguey worms, sea salt and Oaxacan chili peppers. Sal de Gusano pairs wonderfully with Mezcal as well as makes a great addition when sprinkled in cocktails. Grafschafter Goldsaft Sugar Beet Syrup, a German favorite for the past century, is a natural, unrefined sweetener made from the concentrated juice of pure, natural, freshly harvested sugar beets. With flavor characteristics that bear a slight resemblance to that of molasses, this truly unique syrup lends a one-of-a-kind distinctive sweetness when added to beverages. Cent’Anni Syrups are exceptional spice cocktail mixers made from only the freshest ingredients. With the goal to ease cocktail preparation, each of these refined syrups can be paired with any base spirit, in aperitifs, frozen cocktails and to elevate non-alcoholic beverages. The Cent’Anni Syrups line includes the flavors Lemon Spice (fresh lemon, pure cane sugar, and an exotic blend of spices, with cinnamon and nutmeg most prevalent), Pineapple Spice (fresh pineapple juice blended with tropical spices), and Chocolate Chili Spice(blend of spices, dark chocolate and orange). Elixir Vitae Artisan Vinegars are smooth and drinkable, and include the flavors Kaffir Lime, Island Spice, Champaign le Orange, and Peach. The cocktail fruits consist of Passionfruit Lychees laced in a passionfruit liqueur syrup and Mini Apples in Calvados syrup.
- Nicole Preiss |
- Henry Preiss |
ICEBOX is a fully-insured Professional Beverages Logistics Company. Our team is able to meet all of your event beverage and logistics needs: from bar tools and equipment, specialty glassware and custom bars, to fresh juice and specialty ice. With years of experience, ICEBOX is committed to the success of your event.
Contact: Christopher Laine | | (516) 551-8718

Industry Juice-

Industry Juice crafts fresh filtered, all natural, cold pressed lime, lemon, orange, and grapefruit juices. Their mission is to keep your creative juices flowing by offering an honest and effective alternative to squeezing on-premise. Industry Juice is 100% fresh, cold pressed juice that uses pressure, not damaging heat, to lock in freshness and to extend shelf life. It's the superior juice solution for the industry.

To place an order, please following the instructions below. Please have orders placed by June 15th.

  • Email:
  • Include the code "toc2017" in your email
  • Provide company name, contact name, contact cell phone & email
  • Date and time of your event(s)
  • List of juice(s) and quantities you are requesting for your event(s) Juices come in 1 liter / 33.814 fl. oz bottles.
  • Date and time you'd like to pickup your products from the Rug Shop at Hotel Monteleone

JuiceNOLA is thrilled to provide Tales participants with fresh fruit and vegetable juices for this years event. All juices are pressed/squeezed to order using the highest quality ingredients. Our more popular offerings include: fresh squeezed lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, watermelon juice, ginger juice, and pineapple juice. However, we are happy to fulfill other requests for those wishing to be more experimental.
Contact: Dylan Maisel | 802-503-5336 |

Keife & Co.—
Keife & Co is a creatively curated spirits, bitters, wine, and specialty foods shop focusing on products of integrity and limited availability. From single-barrel whiskies to rare, aged rum, this shop has an extensive array of spirits and cocktail ingredients from around the world. Conveniently located in downtown New Orleans. Call ahead to pre-order items or have them delivered.
Contact: John Keife | | (504) 523-7272

Locally Preserved—
Locally Preserved makes over 50 flavors of Fruit Syrups, Simple Syrups, Jams, Jellies, & Preserves using 5 all-natural ingredients or less. We can also accommodate most special flavor requests. All produce is sourced and grown within the Louisiana, Mississippi & Alabama region. Locally Preserved is committed to sustaining farmers, creating honest jobs, while allowing everyday people to eat locally – Everywhere.
Contact: Emily Marquis Vanlandingham | | (504) 934-1012 | (504) 644-3933

Monin Gourmet
With over 100 years of experience, Monin is the premium flavor provider for coffeehouse and foodservice operators around the world. Monin offers more than 200 gourmet flavors across a variety of product lines, each made with a total commitment to quality and providing flavor solutions.
Monin is gracious enough to offer some of their specialty syrups complimentary. List of products to choose from.
**Two weeks noticed required and orders need to be in by June 15th.
Contact: Angie Mikeska |

Sonoma Syrup All Natural Artisan Syrups –
Sonoma Syrup is offering our specialty Simple Syrups complimentary to our partners that are handcrafted in the Wine Country for mixologists. They are: Lavender Infused Syrup, Meyer Lemon Syrup, Classic Pure Cane Simple Syrup, Vanilla Bean Syrup, Olive Juice, Acai Black Currant Syrup, Mint Infused Simple Syrup, Sea Salt Caramel, Five Citrus Sweet & Sour, White Ginger Infused Syrup and others upon request.
*Three weeks noticed required and orders need to be in by June 10th.
Contact: Laura Koerth |

Founded in 1895, Topo Chico is a brand of sparkling mineral water sourced and bottled in Monterrey, Mexico. Topo Chico was sold only regionally in Northern Mexico but in the early 80’s the company expanded its distribution to a point where it was widely available in all of Mexico and it started exporting to the U.S. in 1987. Our Mineral Water is extracted from a spring at the foot of Cerro del Topo Chico or Small Mole in English, its name derived from the shape of the mountain. Thanks to its natural mineral composition, Topo Chico is a healthy and refreshing zero calorie beverage that quenches thirst, assists in the digestive process, and can add a delicious accent to your drink when used as a mixer in alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.Please place your orders by July 1st.
Contact: Ygnacio Vega Jr |

Vieux Carre Spirits
Vieux Carre Spirits is your source for any additional spirits that need to be bought; free delivery in the French Quarter.
Contact: (504) 568-9463
422 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130


Paper Doll Since 1985, Paper Doll Promotions has built a reputation of excellence in small and large events. We provide thousands of elaborate costumes and top-quality talent for conventions, hospitality events, films, and other special events. From stunning and professional model hostesses and actors to circus performers, psychics and parade talent, we provide New Orleans’ best entertainment. We have been a Preferred Vendor for Tales of the Cocktail for many years. Let Paper Doll Promotions be your premier provider for themed models, dance productions, musicians, outstanding variety talent, high quality custom costumes, and more!

Contact:Tammy Carnaggio Kern- - (504)-581-4444

Judith Faye Entertainment—
Providing theme entertainment for DMCs, event planners, hotels, venues, and private parties since 1989. Unique talent for corporate events, parties, trade shows, and weddings. Some entertainment that is offered: aerial, aerial champagne pouring, bottle walking, second Line bands, stilt walkers, circus entertainers, magicians, jugglers, revelers, and so much more!

Contact: Judith Faye 504-400-4838

The Deltaz
The Deltaz have worked over a decade to master a wide spectrum of sounds, from heavy blues and psychedelic rock to classic country and folk. Brothers John Siegel and Ted Siegel spend many of their days perfecting new records at a handmade studio adjacent to residence in the hills of Mulholland Highway that overlook Los Angeles. They have become mainstays at a nearby Southern Californian institution, The Old Place, regularly performing for patrons at the ever-packed restaurant in the mountains. There, they caught the ear of the late bassist Rick Rosas (Neil Young, Joe Walsh), who became a mentor to the group. They spend their remaining hours rigorously touring, headlining shows across the country while attracting the attention of sonic peers such as alt-country act The White Buffalo and Mississippi Blues legend Watermelon Slim, playing with both on several occasions. The Deltaz have had their music placed on CMT and MTV television shows such as Jersey Shore and Party Down South.

The Deltaz were formed while the brothers were still in high school. The boys had already immersed themselves in the last century of popular music by that point, and this passion led them both to quickly pick up their respective instruments of choice. Ted has grown into one of the sharpest guitarists among the independent scene in Los Angeles today, while commanding drummer John has expanded his role in the group over the years to include impressive harmonica work and vocal harmonies that leave audiences overwhelmed at his coordination. The two have clearly learned to work with each other, feeding off of each other's talents to bring ever-climactic performances to energized and extremely diverse audiences.

Contact Info:, (310)774-1602

KAM Angency--

KAM Agency is a talent network that staffs for events, promotions and more in the New Orleans and surrounding areas. All of our talent is local, professional and experienced. Our team includes experienced brand ambassadors, promotional models, hosts and more who can work promotions, special events, conventions, etc.

Contact: Kaitlyn Morris - - (504)554-0851

Event Production

Hosts Global Alliance New
At Hosts, our top priority is providing exceptional experiences for our clients. Like you, we operate with a “make it right” and “flawless” mentality that delivers consistent success. By strategically aligning our core values in business and culture, we ensure our ability to deliver high quality service to our clients reliably, creatively, and memorably. Host Global Alliance Members are dedicated, client-focused experts in their destinations, offering the meeting planner a wide range of services for all program needs. Whether producing inspiring tour programs and activities, imaginative special events, orchestrating transportation logistics, creating themes and concepts, décor, creating teambuilding ideas, entertainment, CSR programs, venue selection, or hotel selection Hosts will deliver unparalleled service.

Contact: Tony Leggio | | (504)-524-1227 -direct

Welcome to ACCENT-DMC. For over 25 years, we have thrived to make the impossible possible. We are an award-winning, full service event planning and destination management company. We provide total event production and meeting planning including: transportation to themes, catering and entertainment. At ACCENT-DMC, we customize unique and unforgettable special events, so you and your guests can enjoy the best New Orleans has to offer. Allow ACCENT-DMC to plan your next event, where creating memorable meetings is our job, but exceeding our clients’ expectations is our passion!
Contact: Jody Halter | | (504) 524-1227 -office
Click HERE to view flyer with event samples.

B&B Staff
Staffing/Rentals/Sales: B&B offers the ability to fully staff any event with skilled bartenders and elite servers, as well as provide all rental equipment for any event in the greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. B&B also has a sales division which offers a large selection of titanium Chrystal glassware and tempered glass.
Contact: Billy Berger | | (225) 293-3765 -office

Carl Mack Presents—
Carl Mack Presents provided entertainment and decor for some of the most legendary “Tales of the Cocktail” events, including: Tales 10th Anniversary party at NOMA with our “World’s Tallest Bar” (William Grant & Sons); midnight petanque game on Royal Street with a real sand court (Pernod Richard); opening reception circus entertainment at Mardi Gras World (Legacy Marketing) and literally hundreds of events big and small for all aspects of Tales of the Cocktail. We are proud to be the preferred vendor for some of the largest clients of Tales of the Cocktail for over ten years. Our talented and detail oriented staff is experienced with all aspects of entertainment, and also special event permitting, tents, staffing, decor, Models, and so much more. Unique and creative is our niche.
Rickey Lee Wingo | | (504) 949-4009 -office
Carl Mack | | (504) 949-4009 -office

Event Producers—
Event Producers is more than just a production company – we’re your partner in the successful show process. We are here with you to develop concepts, provide site plans, renderings, coordinate with the venue, create custom scenery, or even customize our stock sets. We are a full service event production and design firm. We have a large inventory of sound, lighting, LED, and video equipment, a scenic warehouse and fabrication shop, all driven by a talented staff that creates solutions and possibilities to excite our diverse clientele and surpass expectations. By exceeding expectations we bring better value to you and your attendees. As partners we listen to your needs, design an atmosphere and technology to fulfill these requirements, build upon your message, and deliver your vision
Contact: Cammy Livingston | | (504) 218-4564 -direct | (504) 296-3351 -cell

Times Three Design—
“Noble, Tom and Lian are exceptionally creative, nimble, detailed oriented, budget considerate and gung-ho in the best possible way. Immensely talented, highly recommend their work”. - Dame Francine Cohen, Editor in Chief, Inside F & B. Formed in NOLA, born in Brooklyn, Times Three is a design agency specializing in branded environments, brand development, production and sustainable systems solutions.

Contact: Lian Calvo Serrano | | (646) 232-7182 -office

Urban Earth Studios --
Flowers, Furniture, Décor, Props, Bar Rentals, Green Rooms, Design, Graphics, Production, Rentals, Staging, Events, Film and Weddings. 100,000 Sq Ft of Inventory Available.

Contact: James Clawson | 504/524-0100 |

Mardi Gras Production-- Here at Mardi Gras Productions, we offer a range of services to make any special event an unforgettable experience. We are able to do such extraordinary design and production because we do nearly everything in-house, including Design, Sales, Lighting/Special Effects, Art, and Set/Carpentry/Backdrop Creation, as well as our renowned Custom Linen and Floral Departments. We employ a full-time staff comprised of designers, L/D’s, artists, sculptors, a florist, quality assurance personnel, and production staff . . . and we look forward to hearing from you!

Contact: Beaux Church |- | (504)-415-6882


ICEBOX is a fully-insured Professional Beverages Logistics Company. Our team is able to meet all of your event beverage and logistics needs: from bar tools and equipment, specialty glassware and custom bars, to fresh juice and specialty ice. With years of experience, ICEBOX is committed to the success of your event.
Contact: Christopher Laine | | (516) 551-8718

Mixology Ice Company --

Mixology Ice manufacture all sorts of angular cuts from the classic 2x2” to any tailor piece based on client’s glassware. We have proudly invest in machinery design and development to be able to come up spheres of 2.5” diameter, 2” and 1.5” (called champagne pearls). 2x2”s square cube known as “King Cube” is widely used by top bars and mixology programs worldwide. On a monthly basis we currently deliver an average of 50 000 pieces to top names in hospitality and F&B beverage industry spots. Our ice properties comes from an “Artisanal” process: each cube or ice piece is hand cut from a bigger 300 pound crystal clear block of ice. These blocks are harvested after 5 days of slow directional freezing where 4 steps filtered water is continuously moved with pumps. The resulting blocks and consequently the cubes that result from it, are 100% water mass pieces with no bubbles, no sediments, and no flavor.

Contact: Carlos Leal | | 786-451-8420

Fabian Alvarez | |786-838-139


Please support our 2016 hotel partners by making your reservation today for Tales of the Cocktail 2016. All rates and other details are available here.
Tales of the Cocktail Policy on Residential Events


Nola Event
NOLA Event Permits, LLC is a one stop solution for the logistical planning and permitting of any and all special events in and around the greater New Orleans, LA area. This includes but is not limited to, concerts, festivals, TV and/or movie productions, and commercial or private events. After an initial consultation, a NOLA Event Permits specialist will use the requirements of your project to aid in venue identification and acquisition and coordinating with any and all city permitting and planning officials, residential or commercial entities to obtain all necessary permits and permissions. Finally we help in identifying, sourcing, and coordinating support services necessary for the event tailored to the individual needs of the client and project.

Contact: Jason Waggenspack- - (504)-233-9269

Photography and Video

Jennifer Mitchell Photography—
We have an official photography team, Jennifer Mitchell Photography*, who are available to assist you in covering your Tasting Room, Party or Specialty Cocktails. Having photographed Tales in an official capacity for the past eleven years, Jennifer's experienced team of photographers and photo editors is very familiar with Tales and all of it's key players and can deliver your final photos via DropBox within 12-24 hours of your event.
Feel free to visit & click on the Tales of the Cocktail_Gallery for samples of our work!
Click here for 2017 pricing and services
Contact: Jennifer Mitchell | | (646) 765-6585

Le JIT Productions—
Le JIT Productions is our official promotional, Video Vendor for Tales 2016. Le JIT has worked extensively in the hospitality and liquor industry promoting brands through promotional, event and commercial videos. Le JIT brings high quality, professional and informed media services to the liquor industry and beyond.
Contact: Julia Purcell | | (802)-272-5821

4th Row
4th Row Films is a New York based production company specializing in feature documentaries, non-scripted television and branded entertainment. We combine traditional studio story development with aggressive and cost effective Independent production. We work with film-makers, agencies and brands at any or all stages of their project, from development thru distribution.
Contact: Danielle Rosen - - (203)-246-0422


B&B Event Rentals—
B&B Event Rentals specializes in rental equipment

that caters to exclusive fine dining and large event productions. Through

the years B&B Event Rentals has provided a wide variety of products to

almost every type of clientele and prides itself on being the premier

provider of all things fine.

Contact: Billy Berger | | (225) 293-3765 -office

Event Rental New Orleans—
For events of any size, Event Rental can provide everything, including delivery and setup! Browse our full selection of tents, lighting, linens, sound, decor, and just about anything else you can imagine. Build a wishlist of items for your dream day and submit it to check availability.

Contact: Andre Armstead, Jr. | | (504) 433-2624 ext. 214

Gulf Coast Tent Rentals-
Gulf Coast Tent Rentals has everything you need to create a memorable event that your guests won’t soon forget. Once you’ve chosen your tent and frame, it’s time to add the finishing touches. We offer a variety of accessories as well as climate-controlled environments with on-site power distribution and portable restroom trailers for your convenience. We are ready to accommodate any of your needs. Aside from our vast tent and rental selection, we rent a wide variety of film and production rentals that will help put the finishing touches on your temporary production site.
Contact: Angela Watson | | (504) 259-4313

Gulf Coast Tent Rentals include...
TentsTablesChairsLinensDance FloorsFlooringLightingCeiling LinersAC / HeatingDoorsStages
ICEBOX is a fully-insured Professional Beverages Logistics Company. Our team is able to meet all of your event beverage and logistics needs: from bar tools and equipment, specialty glassware and custom bars, to fresh juice and specialty ice. With years of experience, ICEBOX is committed to the success of your event.
Contact: Christopher Laine | | (516) 551-8718

Signage and Printing

Vivid Ink—
Our official signage company for 2016. Specializing in Event Signage, Displays, and Printing..
Contact: Greg Boyd | | 225-939-4734


Downtown Tattoos-
Contact: Hayley Waldner | | (504) 266-2211
501 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116


Limousine Livery
Limousine Livery is redefining transportation in New Orleans. What was once an all-night waiting game filled with uncertain pickup times and unreliable customer service has evolved into a personalized connection to your driver. Quick, on-demand transportation has been upgraded.
Your smartphone can now reserve a personal chauffeur to take you anywhere in the greater New Orleans area.
Contact: Blake Duke | | (504) 561-8777