Meet Tales Attaché: Taeeun Yoon From Seoul, South Korea

Taeeun Yoon is a Tales Attaché from South Korea.
Taeeun Yoon is a Tales Attaché from South Korea.

Tales of the Cocktail has always worked to facilitate community and conversation in the bar and spirits industries around the globe, but it has become increasingly apparent that as established centers of cocktail culture continue to grow, those fledgling communities which represent the frontiers of cocktail culture often fail to gain the recognition they deserve. The Global Attaché Program hopes to change that by shining a light on the varied and extremely talented global bartending communities that have long gone under-recognized.

To be considered for inclusion in the Tales Attaché program, you must be recruited or nominated. Those interested may not nominate themselves, but are encouraged to ask those who know them to nominate them. If you know someone you'd like to nominate to the program, please submit your nomination here.

And now, a guest post from Tales Attaché Taeeun Yoon of Seoul, South Korea...

"Seoul drinkers love to enjoy a cocktail with a local theme. Seoul bartenders are trying to create craft cocktails while sourcing local ingredients. These days, in Seoul, a lot of people love to drink cocktails made with local ingredients and a backstory. Here's a few local ingredients we like to use: Hanrabong (mandarin orange from Jeju Island), Makguelri (Korean rice wine), premium soju, daechu (Korean jujubes), and ginseng."

Magkolli Colada from South Korea The Magkolli Colada from the Charles H. Bar in Seoul.

"At the Charles H. bar in the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, they created the "Jeju Cooler" with Hanrabong and Hwayo (rice-based premium soju) during the last summer season. Lorenzo Antinori, the head bartender of Charles H. bar, recently created the "Magkolli Colada." It’s a twist on the traditional Piña Colada made with Korean rice wine [pictured above]."

"Stone Pot" cocktail from South Korea "Stone Pot" cocktail, inspired by a local chicken soup dish

"At Alice, a speakeasy bar in fashionable Gangnam, we created a cocktail inspired by the local chicken soup we call 'Samgyetang.' Generally, Samgyetang is made with local botanicals like ginseng, daechu, gingko nut, and pepper, and served in a stone pot. One of lead bartenders at Alice, Demie Kim, created this cocktail with a smoky-style, single malt Scotch whisky, daechu-infused red vermouth, and dried ginseng."

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