Meet Tales Attaché: Richie Cruz From Manila, Philippines

Global Attache Richie Cruz
Global Attaché Richie Cruz during a guest shift in Prisma bar.

Tales of the Cocktail has always worked to facilitate community and conversation in the bar and spirits industries around the globe, but it has become increasingly apparent that as established centers of cocktail culture continue to grow, those fledgling communities which represent the frontiers of cocktail culture often fail to gain the recognition they deserve. The Global Attaché Program hopes to change that by shining a light on the varied and extremely talented global bartending communities that have long gone under-recognized.

To be considered for inclusion in the Tales Attaché program, you must be recruited or nominated. Those interested may not nominate themselves, but are encouraged to ask those who know them to nominate them. If you know someone you'd like to nominate to the program, please submit your nomination here.

And now, a guest post from Tales Attaché Richie Cruz of Manila, Philippines...

"My name is too long, so I prefer to be addressed as Richie. I am currently affiliated with Grind Bistro in Bonifacio Global City as Barman on a part-time basis, but I also run my own company named Pinoytender Management Consultancy. The first picture [above] was taken during my guest shift in Prisma bar, which is located in one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Boracay."

Richie Cruz's PinoyTiki mug.

"The second picture [right] is our very first and very own PinoyTiki mug which I personally designed. A Tiki is a wooden or small carving in humanoid form. It is with great pleasure that I officially launch the Pinoy Tiki glass! Our first design is inspired by the Filipinos. The clothing was inspired by our tribes in the country because they are actually the first ones to do tikis through wood carving. The face symbolizes two things that we love ... smiling and singing. Whenever we have problems or trials in life, we still manage to put on a smile and sing our hearts out. And of course, the bottle and glass on each hand symbolizes our love of drinking and celebration. The first run will be out by September and we are only releasing 100 of these." -Richie Cruz

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