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Tales of the Cocktail Announces Official T-shirt Design Winner

The official 2017 Tales of the Cocktail T-Shirt designed by Mandy Hernaez.
The official 2017 Tales of the Cocktail T-Shirt designed by Mandy Hernaez.

Each year, Tales of the Cocktail® partners with Fleurty Girl to release a limited-edition shirt that honors Tales’ official cocktail of the year. For its 15th anniversary, Tales looked to the classics, and chose the martini–arguably the most classic cocktail there is–to represent this year’s event. Each of the submitted designs sought to represent the official cocktail in a way that best captured its own essence, as well a the overall essence of Tales of the Cocktail®. After careful deliberation, our judges, Giuseppe González, Napkin Killa, Derek Yaniger and Samara Rivers, selected the this year's winner: Mandy Hernaez, founder of Eyeroll Creative.

Hernaez cites the Atomic Age as the inspiration for her winning design:

“My inspiration came heavily from design in the Atomic Era – a time when martinis were particularly popular. An olive orbits the martini glass to reflect visual motifs from this period and reinforce the martini as the official cocktail for Tales of the Cocktail. The martini glass is also a great example of a design principle from this era: designed must not only be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. The orbit of the olive around the brim alludes to a hand wrapping around the glass right before it’s consumed. New materials that arose during this time such as plastic, allowed a flood of color to appear in people’s homes. A notable pallet being, pastel pink, yellow and mint green. Bright pastel palettes including pinks, yellows and mint greens were commonplace. The overall composition mimics classic advertisements from this period, and texture was added to create visual intrigue.”

This year’s exclusive t-shirt takes its place in a lineup of successful predecessors that celebrated some of the world’s most iconic cocktails. From the frozen daiquiri, to the Sazerac, up until last year’s Moscow Mule, each shirt found unique ways to represent the cocktail of that year. In addition to the shirts, Tales names an Official Cocktail for the festival each year. This year, Zachary Faden’s Embrasse de la Terre takes its place alongside Mandy Hernaez’s t-shirt as Tales of the Cocktail® celebrates the Martini.

“This is our first-ever t-shirt competition so we didn’t really know what to expect. But Mandy’s design just blew us away,” said Ann Tuennerman, Co-Founder of Tales of the Cocktail®. “It’s such a smart and beautiful tribute to one of the most famous cocktails ever made.”

Hernaez’s t-shirt design will be available for purchase all week in the market at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail, and in all five of Fleurty Girl’s locations around New Orleans. Five dollars from each t-shirt sale will be donated to the New Orleans Culinary & Cultural Preservation Society, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and financial aid to professionals in the international cocktail community.

The official 2017 Tales of the Cocktail T-Shirt designed by Mandy Hernaez. The official 2017 Tales of the Cocktail T-Shirt designed by Mandy Hernaez.

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