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Tales of the Cocktail® Announces 2017 Seminars and Presenters

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This year’s curated selection of 72 traditional and technique seminars will examine a wide range of topics, from bartending flairs and cocktail history to spirits explorations and business strategies.

NEW ORLEANS, LA--March 13, 2017--Tales of the Cocktail®, the world’s premier series of cocktail festivals, is thrilled to present the seminar lineup for the 15th Annual Tales of the Cocktail® being held in New Orleans July 18-23, 2017. This year, 84 creative, original seminars have been selected that collectively best display Tales’ commitment to education, development, and innovation. Seminar topics address virtually every aspect of the cocktail and spirits industries, and are presented by some of the industries’ most well-known professionals.

“The Tales New Orleans lineup for 2017 is very exciting for several different reasons. For one, well-loved global ambassador of rum Ian Burrell is leading a seminar with new information on falernum, shrubs and other Caribbean ingredients essential to good rum cocktails. Charlotte Voisey is back to teach us everything we always wanted to know about cherries (but were too afraid to ask). Chris Lowder has curated a really stellar group of #SEDTalks. And on a personal level I’m excited to introduce Bar Indepths, a new series of seminars that rigorously deconstruct some of the most successful and innovative cocktail bars in the world. Roll on July!” -Philip Duff Director of Education.

Seminars are chosen through a highly selective process by a panel of discerning judges hailing from countries across the globe. Philip Duff has headed the committee for four years in singling out unique seminars from different voices within the industry that cover a broad range of topics, ensuring that attendees will have the ability to construct a seminar schedule tailored to their specific desires and interests.

“As always, Philip and the committee have done an incredible job with our seminar selection,” said Ann Tuennerman, Founder of Tales of the Cocktail®. “I am so indebted to our committee for lending their time and expertise in putting together another a schedule of seminars that will push our industry forward.”

The full seminar schedule, including dates, times, and locations, will be available in early April. Tickets will go on sale for the general public on April 20, 2017. Tales 365 members will be able to purchase their tickets early access on April 18, 2017. For seminar descriptions or general information about Tales of the Cocktail® 2017, visit

Tales of the Cocktail® 2017 Seminars


Rectify My Love: A Story of American Whiskey - Chad Arnholt

Falernum, Shrubs & Mythical Caribbean Rum Liqueurs - Ian Burrell

Feeling the Funk: From Dunder to Wonder - Don Lee

Hello, American Single Malt Whisky! - Wayne Curtis

Take A Nice Long Rest! Resting Spirits & Cocktails - Philip Duff

Irish Whiskey 2.0 - The Future of Irish Whiskey - Tim Herlihy

The Original Whiskey Writer: Alfred Barnard - Noah Rothbaum

Bai-curious? Chinese Spirits and You - Derek Sandhaus

Raising Cane: Rum's Rise to Respectability - Jacob Briars

Gentian! King of the Bitter Plants - Eric Seed

Moving Beyond Colour, a new Classification for Rum - Richard Seale

Hey Scotch, Where’s My Age Statement? - Georgina Bell

Whisky Heretics V: Extreme Scotch - David Broom

Better Drinking Through Chemistry - Ewan Morgan

Beetlejuice! When Bugs Meet Booze - Camper English

MMA3 : Old School Vs. New Skool - David Broom

Sustainability in Spirit Production – Bex Almqvist


We the People: Cocktails in the Colonies – Brian Maxwell

Russian Myth Busters - Arina Nikolskaya

Finding Classic Cocktails in the Dusty Archives - Philip Greene

Jews & Booze - Noah Rothbaum

Traveling Like a Pro: More than Just Brag Tags - Anthony Pullen

How to be Good at Drinking - Angus Winchester

The Cocktail Revolution in 50 Images – Robert Simonson

Great Hoaxes in Cocktail History – Robert Simonson

Contextulibation - Location versus Perception in Drinks – Angus Winchester

8 Flavors: The Untold Story of Mixology – Sarah Lohman

The Value of Values: Embedding Purpose into Business – Audrey Fort

Here's to the Enthusiasts! – Joe McCanta


Shake Outside the Box: Avant-Garde Cocktails - Summer-Jane Bell

Mastering Your Prep Game: Technique & Application - Iain Griffiths

I Can See Clearly Now The Centrifuge Is Here - Don Lee

The ULTIMATE Ginger Seminar - Sebastien Derbomez

Piping Hot – The World’s favourite Hot Drinks - Tim Herlihy

Veni, Vidi, Vici - Italy’s Food and Drink Conquest - Roberta Mariani

Drinking Around The Garden - Camille Ralph Vidal

Making Scents Out of Flavor: Olfactory Experience - Eamon Rockey

Eat, Drink and Be Cherry! - Charlotte Voisey

WE SPRITZ : From Classic Aperitivo to Low ABV Drink - Giuseppe Gallo

Sailor’s Joy: 400 years of Drinking at Sea - David Wondrich

Embracing the Hops - Elayne Duff

When Beer Goes Bad – Mirella Amato

From the Medicine Cabinet to the Liquor Cabinet – Noah Rothbaum

Wooden that be Fantastic - Raymond Edwards

New Ice Techniques, Tools, and Technology – Camper English

Drink Well, Live Long and Prosper? - Claire Smith-Warner


Making Money while Breathing Fire - Adrian Biggs

Intellectual Property Law Issues in Cocktail Land - Philip Greene

How To Make The Right Deal: Acquisitions 101 - Ryan Malkin

Breaking The Mould - Joe Schofield

Advocacy - Holy Grail or Burning Money - Thorsten Husmann

The Floor Staff: The Unsung Heroes of Hospitality - Anna McLoughlin

BYOB - Build Your Own Brand - Daniel Singer

From Dreams to Daiquiris - Mark Maynard-Parisi

Bar Indepth: Peg & Patriot, UK - Matt Whiley

Bar Indepth: The Walker Inn, USA - Trevor Easter

Bar Indepth: Quinary, Hong Kong - Antonio Lai

Bar Indepth: Dandelyan – Deets, drinks and botany - Ryan Chetiyawardana

New Business Models for Bars – Andrew Friedman

About Tips…New Compensation Realities, New Models – Andrew Friedman

Bar Career

A Career in Sales: Are You Kidding Me? - Robin Robinson

Movers & Shakers: A Guide to Making it Abroad! - Julien Lafond

The Joy of Service - Joe McCanta

Hot Mic: Podcasting For Bartenders - Kara Newman

Bartending Robots: Friend or Foe? – Jennifer Colliau

Bartenders to Brand Ambassadors to Brand Managers – Will Thompson

Do Brands Need Bartenders? – Ian McLaren


Bubble, Bubble, Ferment & Trouble - Danil Nevsky

Old-School Fermentation - Sarah Lohman

Exclusive Tasting

Rum: Just Sip It - Fred Minnick

Against the Grain - Davin de Kergommeaux

Chartreuse in a glass Part III - Tim Master

Aquavit - Nordic By Nature - Monica Berg

A Journey Into the World of Vintage Spirits - Edgar Harden

The Manitoba Whiskey Experiments - Davin de Kergommeaux

The Last Great Whiskey: Picking Your Own Barrel - Fred Minnick


SED Talks - From Mind to Matter – Robin Robinson, Audrey Fort, Tom Richter, Jason Williams and Nicholas Fisher

About Tales of the Cocktail

Founded in 2002, Tales of the Cocktail has grown from a small gathering of cocktail lovers into the world’s premier cocktail festival. Each year the international spirits industry is welcomed to New Orleans for a week of seminars, tastings, networking events and much more. With 200+ annual events developed specifically for bartenders, distillers and other spirits professionals, Tales of the Cocktail is the industry’s annual meeting place for the exchanging of new ideas, products and techniques.

Tales of the Cocktail also produces a number of other events and programs such as Tales of the Cocktail on Tour, Tales 365, Tales of the Toddy and Daiquiri Season, all to further the mission of supporting and growing the international cocktail community.

About the New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation Society

Tales of the Cocktail is produced by the New Orleans Culinary & Cultural Preservation Society (NOCCPS), a non-profit organization committed to supporting, promoting and growing the cocktail industry in New Orleans and around the world. In addition to offering opportunities to learn and acquire new skills through Tales of the Cocktail events and Tales 365, the NOCCPS invests the proceeds back into the spirits industry. Since 2008, the NOCCPS has invested more than $886,000 into programs like the Cocktail Apprentice Program, a tuition reimbursement program, the Apprentice medical aid fund, educational scholarships and a new health and wellness program for members of the hospitality industry.

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