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Paul Tuennerman's Resignation and Apology to the Community

Paul Tuennerman, Co-founder, Tales of the Cocktail
Paul Tuennerman, Co-founder, Tales of the Cocktail

From Tales of the Cocktail Co-Founder, Paul Tuennerman, in response to Ann Tuennerman's public apology earlier this afternoon, which may be viewed here.

They say that when you love something, you have to let it go.

Tales of the Cocktail has been one of my life's passions and building it together with the love of my life, Ann, has been a joy and a privilege, as has getting to know the spirits and cocktail community both in the U.S. and around the world. At its essence, Tales, which embodies the ethos of hospitality and welcome, is about inclusion and there can be zero tolerance for actions or behaviors that divide us by race, religion or sexual identity.

My comment to Ann about blackface prior to the Zulu parade was meant to be a husband's innocent teasing of his camera-shy wife, not a belittlement of others. In retrospect, the words were insensitive, hurtful and just plain dumb and I feel horrible for the pain they have caused. I take full responsibility and it is with a very heavy heart that, effective immediately, I am resigning from Tales of the Cocktail.

I hope my departure will speed up the healing process and help the community constructively address the very important issues that have been raised as a result of this unfortunate and unintended incident.

I humbly ask that you look beyond my stupid words and continue your support of Tales of the Cocktail and Ann who loves this industry with all her heart and all her soul.


Paul Tuennerman