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Introducing The Home Bar Awards

Home Bar Awards
The Home Bar Awards is a celebration of those who elevate, innovate, and challenge the status quo of home bartending. The inaugural awards will take place on Instagram beginning in January 2018.

Boston, MA - Today, Chris Kiertz (Socktails), Jeremy JF Thompson (Tales of the Cocktail) and Jabin Troth (Licensed to Distill) launched the inaugural Home Bar Awards.

Home bartending has grown into a vibrant community of people who love to create and love to help each other get better at their craft. The Home Bar Awards is a celebration of this. In 2018, this trio will set out to find the world's best home bartenders. Not just those with the most followers, not just those who have the nicest cameras, but those who have embraced the art, science and tradition of home bartending.

Participants can submit entries throughout the year on any home bartending post. In addition, the Home Bar Awards will select a unique challenge every month (January is “Show Us Your Bar”). At the end of the month, a prize will be given to the winner, which also guarantees them a nomination for the three major annual awards. The entire contest takes place on Instagram. Participants can submit their own entries by using the hashtag #homebarawards on their post. Alternatively, people can nominate others by reposting content from other accounts using the #homebarawards hashtag.

The three annual awards are Home Bartender of the Year, Home Bar of the Year and Most Innovative Concept of the Year. There will be one winner in each category, and the grand prizes will be revealed later in the year. While each award has its own grading rubric, the following criteria will be taken into account for all awards:

  • Concept
  • Curation
  • Scene production
  • Photo and video production
  • Quality and accuracy of information
  • Resourcefulness
  • Drink quality

About Home Bar Awards:

The Home Bar Awards is a celebration of those who elevate, innovate, and challenge the status quo of home bartending. It's for the work-night warriors who reject store-bought margarita mix. It's for the cocktail-party enthusiasts who laugh in the face of a batched cocktail. It's for those who simply have a passion for home bartending and want to share that passion with the world. Anyone with an Instagram account may participate. Both professional bartenders and enthusiasts are welcome to enter the monthly challenges, though all entries must be created at home.

For more information, head to and follow them on Instagram at @homebarawards.


Chris Kiertz
Home Bar Awards

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