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Tales of the Cocktail Podcast, Episode 3: Adventures at BarSmarts

Bartenders sitting at tables in a conference room.
BarSmarts Advanced draws a big crowd. We found out why.

When the team at Pernod-Ricard noticed an absence of dependable, easily accessed educational materials for bartenders, they set out to fill the void themselves. Alongside six visionaries of the industry, they created BarSmarts, a comprehensive online program that gives bartenders a credible spirits and mixology curriculum to master. The same team also hosts BarSmarts Advanced, a full day of hands-on tasting and mixology coaching for BarSmarts graduates. The day begins with seminars, followed by a written test and ending with a practical in which bartenders make three drinks for the bar partners and cocktail judges. Those who pass the written test and practical leave the day with a BarSmarts Advanced certification, demonstrating competence in spirits knowledge and bartending abilities.

BarSmarts Advanced recently came through Atlanta, and we dropped in to see what was drawing bartenders to wake up early on a day off (and, in one case, drive 17 hours to participate) and sharpen their skills. We also talked with the founders of BarSmarts to see how the program matches their original mission. Have a listen below:

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