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Tales of the Cocktail Announces Golden Spirit Award Recipients

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Arnholt and Sprouse's initiative to promote sustainable practices within the bartending and spirits industries awarded them the 2017 Golden Spirit Award.

Every year, Tales of the Cocktail® awards the Golden Spirit Award to the seminar presenter who received the highest evaluation scores from attendees. With this award, Tales aims to recognize the recipient’s dedication to sharing his or her knowledge with the industry in a engaging, relatable way. This year, Tales of the Cocktail® is proud to announce Chad Arnholt and Claire Sprouse as the joint winners of the 2017 Golden Spirit Award. With the debut of their groundbreaking Sustainability Summit, Arnholt and Sprouse showed the ways in which the bartending and spirits industry could take steps to adopt greener practices, providing frequent examples to demonstrate how their suggestions work in the real world.

“When Ann Tuennerman told me she wanted to have more education focused on practical sustainability, asking Claire & Chad was a no-brainer,” says Philip Duff, Director of Education for Tales of the Cocktail®. “Despite being held on Tuesday, Sustainability Summit seminars turned out to be some of the most-attended, most-talked about and highest-rated seminars at Tales. That's down 100% to the knowledge, passion, network and vision of Claire & Chad, and their Golden Spirit award is well-deserved."

The Sustainability Summit represented a number of “firsts” for Tales of the Cocktail®. Most prominent of these “firsts” was the fact that the Summit took place on the Tuesday of Tales, making it the first official Tales seminar to do so. Over the course of the day, the Summit addressed issues behind ingredient sourcing, the mechanics behind mixing drinks, and waste, providing multiple examples on how each of these things can be adjusted to have less of an impact on the environment. Aside from their personal demonstrations, Sprouse and Arnholt recruited multiple professionals from all walks of the bartending and spirits industry for the Summit to share their own sustainable practices, giving the event a comprehensive scope.

“In their first year of hosting the Sustainability Summit, Chad and Claire clearly left a lasting impact on everyone who was lucky enough attend,” said Ann Tuennerman, Founder of Tales of the Cocktail®. “I couldn’t be happier that the summit was such a success and I can’t thank Chad and Claire enough for bringing it to life.”

Arnholt and Sprouse’s mission to implement sustainability in the industry began long before the debut of the Sustainability Summit. For the last few years, their initiative, Tin Roof Drink Community, has provided consulting services to multiple bars on how to implement various sustainable practices into their everyday operations. In addition, their #agreenerbar website also provides a database of eco-friendly brands and bars with existing sustainable practices, making the path to sustainability more accessible for those searching for resources. For these efforts, Sprouse and Arnholt were the recipients of the first-ever Sustainable Spirit Award in 2016.

“The two of us are floored to receive this year's Golden Spirit Award. With the inaugural Sustainability Summit we sought to gather a diverse group of industry leaders, engineers, climate scientists, and bartenders for a collaborative conversation about the future of our industry,” commented Sprouse and Arnholt. “Just to fill the room was a win. The positive feedback that culminates in receiving this award shows that our industry has embraced this conversation, offering encouragement as we move forward together. One million thanks to our panelists, Trash Tiki, Phil, Ann, the whole Tales crew, and every face that joined our little talk.”

Sprouse and Arnholt join an esteemed group of previous Golden Spirit Award winners including Charlotte Voisey (2007 & 2009), Jeff “Beachbum” Berry (2008), Jacob Briars (2010), and David Wondrich (2013), among others.

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