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Tales of the Cocktail Podcast, Episode 2: Love and Bartending

Two wine glasses.
What is love? We try to answer this question for folks in the bartending and spirits industry. (Photo: kieferpix)

Love can mean so many things. And in the bartending and spirits industries, it faces particular challenges but also sees unique triumphs. So, in honor of February’s most notable holiday, we’re taking a look at love and relationships in the bar world. In our second podcast episode, we'll consider what it takes to have a fruitful relationship when you’re dealing with a hectic bartending schedule. We'll also find out what it's like for brand ambassadors who spend significant time on the road. We'll also hear from a relationship counselor for her professional advice. But in order to love others, you must first learn to love yourself. We investigate ways to show yourself love and kindness — whether that’s treating yourself or helping others. And last but not least, we'll get the scoop from a clinical sexologist to investigate whether there’s any truth in the age old legend of love potions, and how bartenders might apply the concept today.

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