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Beyond the Bar
Beyond the Bar



When we reflect back on why our team decided to create the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation (TOTCF), the motivation had been, and continues to be, our community. The global spirits community is comprised of impassioned, dedicated, and talented individuals who work tirelessly, contributing time and energy to this hospitality niche, and, as a result, often struggle to balance work and life.

This lifestyle can be toll-taking and oftentimes has a negative impact on mental and physical wellbeing. It is paramount to us to be able to provide a platform that addresses the serious issues our industry faces on a regular basis, from mental and physical wellness, to substance abuse, sexual harassment, and diversity. There is so much to discuss --historically, this hasn’t happened enough-- and we know in order to truly uplift the community, we need to provide accesses and resources that promote a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond the bar.

It is clear that we need to find a way to start taking care of our people. To further this dialogue, the Foundation is introducing Beyond the Bar, a free and open-to-all five-day event that will take place at the New Orleans Athletic Club starting Tuesday, July 17th through Saturday, July 21st. In this space, attendees will be able to learn trigger point therapy, receive NARCAN overdose training, receive HIV and Hep C testing, practice Yoga, attend group therapy, and much more.

TOTCF would not be able to offer this initiative without the support and partnership of esteemed local organizations like the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, CresecentCare, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) New Orleans Chapter, Odyssey House Louisiana, Move Ya Brass, Manning Hudson, NADA NOLA, Porter Cason Institute for the Family | Tulane School of Social Work, Ochsner Eat Fit NOLA, NOLA Mindfulness and the New Orleans Athletic Club. We’ve also enlisted the help within our international community including, Tim Etherington of HealthyHospo, Laura Green, M.Ed., Camille Ralph Vidal, and Amie Ward, the Healthtender.

Our latest addition to the program comes from acclaimed author and editor, Kat Kinsman, who will be hosting "An Awkward Conversation Won't Kill You”.” This session will offer an opportunity to get together with like-minded people to have an open, raw, thoughtful, hour long conversation about mental health issues in the industry and figure out a better way forward on Saturday, July 21st starting at 1:00PM.

All events within Beyond the Bar will be open to everyone -- including New Orleans residents. In conjunction with the event, the New Orleans Athletic Club is also offering a discounted week rate for gym access for all Tales of the Cocktail attendees.

We look forward to hearing feedback from those who are facilitating and participating in this week’s programming. It is the first year of what we hope will be an inaugural initiative, and the Foundation is committed to growing the scope and creating a supportive space.. Your feedback will assist us in determining how we can potentially continue to offer meaningful resources throughout the year, and develop a sustainable network throughout our industry.

For a full list of ‘Beyond the Bar’ programming, you can either check the TOTC app or find the full schedule here: . All events are taking place at the New Orleans Athletic Club located at 222 N. Rampart Street, NOLA

Each of us looks forward to seeing you during Tales of the Cocktail. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note at

  • Gary Solomon, Jr. and Neal Bodenheimer, Co-Chairs for the Board of Directors of Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, and Caroline Nabors Rosen, Executive Director
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