Tales of the Cocktail Impact: Vivid Ink Graphics

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Vivid Ink Graphics has been a local preferred vendor of Tales of the Cocktail since 2011. In their five years as a preferred vendor, Vivid Ink Graphics has won business from 15 different brands participating in the event – the majority of which have become repeat customers. On top of that, Vivid Ink Graphics supports Tales of the Cocktail for all of the event’s printing needs.


Vivid Ink Graphics utilizes Tales of the Cocktail for business development in order to:

  • Increase revenue through additional account partnerships
  • Increase exposure in both local and national markets
  • Learn techniques from new clientele base that can be applied to other clients


New Accounts and Increased Revenue:

  • During the three weeks leading up to Tales of the Cocktail in 2015, roughly 23% of the sales in the New Orleans branch can be directly attributed to Vivid Ink’s status as a preferred partner.
  • Vivid Ink Graphics benefits from Tales of the Cocktail facilitating introductions with new brands, relationships that often into repeat business over the years.

Increased Exposure and Elevated Brand Profile:

  • As a result of supplying Tales of the Cocktail with their printing and graphics needs, Vivid Ink Graphics has received business from other New Orleans festivals – including Hogs for the Cause, one of the largest barbecue competitions and music festivals in the country.
  • Being on the preferred vendors list has allowed Vivid Ink Graphics to extend its reach outside of New Orleans, reaching a new set of customers outside of its original target market.

Unique Executions:

  • Vivid Ink Graphics has been able to develop new capabilities and inspirations through its work with Tales of the Cocktail and its participating brands. This has ranged from installing graphics on the inside of elevator doors, creating the illusion of two figures clinking glasses when the doors closed, to creating router-cut liquor bottles that served as pickup points for pedicabs. These atypical engagements with Tales of the Cocktail have inspired Vivid Ink to think and execute outside of the box.


“Being associated with Tales of the Cocktail has had a positive impact on our brand. We have received business from other local festivals and events as a result of having been associated with Tales.”

“We use Tales of the Cocktail as a case study for other event clients all the time – we’re always referring to pictures from their events. Some of the best case studies we utilize are complete takeovers of spaces like hotels, museums and restaurants.”

“We learn a lot from out-of-town companies in terms of how to handle different executions – and we’re able to apply those learnings to help better serve our other clients.”

“The Tales crew is very open-minded. They are constantly trying new things, encouraging us to learn techniques that we’ve never used before. One of favorite ideas that came from Tales was the reverse hashtags we installed on bathroom mirrors so attendees could take selfies.”

“Ann is a great advocate for our business and in turn we pride ourselves in being advocates for their event. I tell local brands all the time – ‘You need to launch at Tales of the Cocktail.’ If you are going to launch a new brand, what better place to do it?”

-Greg Boyd, Outside Sales at Vivid Ink Graphics