Tales of the Cocktail Impact: Maison Ferrand

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Seven years ago the President of Maison Ferrand went to check out Tales of the Cocktail and liked what he saw. Maison Ferrand became a sponsor, and has increased involvement every year since, focusing on seminars and tasting rooms. Seminars are educational sessions typically around 150 people, with topics ranging from, “Which Rum, What Cocktail, and Why?” to “Cognac and American Whiskey.”

This past year, Maison Ferrand hosted an intimate seminar for 25 people, where they tasted through a flight of triple aged rum. Maison Ferrand also sponsors tasting rooms, which are their primary platform for launching specialty brands.


Maison Ferrand utilizes their sponsorship with Tales of the Cocktail to:

  • Launch new brands
  • Establish brand President Alexandre Gabriel as an industry expert
  • Reach new markets


Increased Distribution in New Markets:

  • Maison Ferrand has gone with Tales on Tour to its satellite festivals in Toronto and Buenos Aires. The same experts run the seminars, but the audience is local. Maison Ferrand uses this opportunity to increase demand by directly accessing bartenders. Since Tales on Tour visited Mexico all four of the main Maison Ferrand products have become available within the country.

Successful Brand Launches:

  • Maison Ferrand has used the festival to launch three products, Pierre Ferrand 1840, Pierre Ferrand Curaçao, and Plantation Pineapple Rum. The first two were rare and created just for the festival with the ultimate plan of being added to the portfolio, while the Plantation Rum was supposed to be a specialty one-time product. However, there was such positive reception that Maison Ferrand brought it back the next year at Tales of the Cocktail, and gave the brand it its own tasting room. District Donuts, a local donut shop, agreed to make Plantation Pineapple donuts to be paired with the rum during the tasting. The Plantation Pineapple is now a permanent part of the Maison Ferrand portfolio.

Elevated Brand Reputation and Increased Brand Exposure:

  • Maison Ferrand used their seminar topics to showcase the knowledge of company founder Alexandre Gabriel, providing a platform for him to demonstrate his knowledge on topics like the evolution of gin and rum production. Positive reception of these seminars led to other sponsors approaching Maison Ferrand and requesting that Alexandre sit on their panels, creating free marketing opportunities for the brand.


“Tales of the Cocktail is the only place that we ever launch products in a big way to bartenders. We don’t have bartender parties. We don’t spend marketing dollars on media or trade events. We are grassroots, small company with big ideas and amazing products. Tales of the Cocktail affords us a level playing field, where we can interact with all of the bartenders in one place at one time.”

“We use the seminars at Tales to really elevate Alexandre in the industry. We don’t have the budget for some of the huge portfolio parties that other brands host, but we know Alex has a message to get out there. He is such a great speaker – you just enjoy his stories. It meant a lot when other brands asked us if Alexandre could participate in their seminars – it has been really nice to be on the receiving end of an ask.”

- Manuela Savona, PR & Marketing for Maison Ferrand