Tales of the Cocktail's Impact: Gubba Rum

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Steve Gubb attended his first Tales of the Cocktail in 2012. When he saw the variety of events, from tasting rooms to seminars, and the event audience, he knew it would be a great vehicle to get exposure for the brand he was developing. Steve unofficially launched Gubba Rum at the 2013 Tales of the Cocktail with a Snack Stand in the lobby of Hotel Monteleone.

A year later, Steve officially launched the Gubba Rum brand, which is now being distributed across the state of Massachusetts, and continues to be associated with Tales of the Cocktail.


  • Gubba Rum utilizes Tales of the Cocktail for business development in order to:
  • Increase revenue through additional account partnerships
  • Increase exposure in both local and national markets


Brand Exclusivity:

  • Steve originally chose to participate in Tales of the Cocktail with a Snack Stand. The hour and a half event offered Gubba Rum an exclusive platform for event attendees to sample his spirit. This exclusivity is one of the aspects Steve thinks was most vital to his successful launch, as it allowed Gubba Rum a chance to own the spotlight and craft a distinctive customer experience.

Strategic Partnerships:

  • When the Snack Stand evolved into The Corner Bar, Gubba Rum went with it. The now 3-hour event features select bartenders, multiple cocktails, and food pairings. Through Tales of the Cocktail, Gubba Rum was introduced to the Australia-based Wild Hibiscus, a company that makes cocktail syrups from hibiscus flowers. Together, Gubba Rum and Wild Hibiscus decided to co-sponsor The Corner Bar in 2014 with the goal of remaining exclusive and attaining the desired reach within the industry.

Increased Distribution Channels:

  • With each year that Gubba Rum participates in Tales of the Cocktail, the brand becomes more established in the industry. As bartenders and restaurant managers are exposed to and express interest in serving Gubba rum, distributors become increasingly interested in supplying the product. Crediting a connection made through Tales of the Cocktail, Steve is optimistic that Gubba Rum will expand its distribution channels to Florida in the coming months.


“I’m a small guy – I have to be very careful about where I am spending my dollars. I chose to participate in Tales because of the caliber of industry contacts that you are able to meet there. It is all about value. Smaller brands – anyone that is looking to become established or grow – should absolutely participate in Tales.“

“Tales is great for brand exposure. It is the event that you go to in order to gain awareness within the United States liquor industry. Tales allows us to get the exposure we are looking for.”

“I am excited because we are going to be distributed in Florida next month. That is a direct result of a relationship that I formed while attending Tales of the Cocktail.”

“I can’t say enough about the Tales of the Cocktail team. They go out of their way to support brands by making introductions, encouraging strategic partnerships, supporting relationships and increasing exposure with the media – the list goes on.”

-Steve Gubb, Owner of Gubba Rum