Tales of the Cocktail Impact: El Guapo Bitters

El Guapo Bitters Logo


Three years ago Scot Mattox, a bartender at Iris, began getting a number of requests from customers as to whether they could buy the original bitters and syrups that he was mixing. Scot obliged, and launched El Guapo Bitters at Tales of the Cocktail in 2013.

Since then, the brand has been actively involved in Tales of the Cocktail by sponsoring tasting events and this past year put together a Dynamic Duo in collaboration with William Grant and Sons at a local bar. Today, El Guapo is heavily involved with Tales of the Cocktail, selling their product in the Tales Market as well as in the Bookstore and Bitters Market.


El Guapo Bitters has leveraged their relationship with Tales of the Cocktail to:

• Increase brand awareness with industry professionals

• Develop and build supplier relationships


Geographic Expansion:

• Whether a brand exists in the local market or not, they still come to Tales of the Cocktail to network with other industry professionals. As a result, El Guapo was able to expand internationally very quickly. In their first year, they met a distributor from Australia that liked the taste of their products, began selling El Guapo Bitters in Australia and New Zealand, and remains one of their largest distributors today.

Business Growth:

• El Guapo Bitters has grown considerably since its launch in 2012. The relationships that the company has formed with distributors and individual bars and restaurants have enabled both Scot and his wife to now work full time on the business and hire additional employees.

Build Supplier Chain:

• Though El Guapo benefits from the direct sales it makes during the festival, its most important driver of success is accounts with large distributors. They have landed at least one of these contracts each year; with close to half of all of their distribution channels stemming from a connection made at Tales of the Cocktail.


“Without Tales for the last ten years, this industry would not be where it is. Other festivals have come and gone, that have tried to come around – and nothing is like Tales.”

“I don’t know if it’s the appeal of New Orleans or the scope of Tales, but there is nothing else like it – and nothing else has the impact. We have tried attending events outside of New Orleans, but nothing else in the industry is as effective as Tales at generating business.”

“We have decided to exclusively participate in Tales of the Cocktail – it is our one big thing that we do all year. Some events cost us more to participate than Tales, and at the end of the day what we get out is nowhere close to what we get out of being at Tales.”

“We are a brand, so we need distributors to be successful. When we can add a distributor every single year – that is what makes Tales worthwhile for us. We have been able to add a distributor every year. At the stage the our company is in, that is huge for our business.”

-Scot Mattox, Founder of El Guapo Bitter