Tales of the Cocktail Impact: William Grant & Sons

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William Grant & Sons has been involved with Tales of the Cocktail through a wide variety of sponsorship levels over their 9-year relationship. Today, the global liquor brand uses Tales of the Cocktail as their premiere marketing event of the year.

Their portfolio party on the first night of the festival features all 15 brands and hosts 1,500 attendees. In 2011 their party at the WWII museum made headlines for serving the world’s freshest Ramos Gin Fizz – featuring a cow that event attendees could milk to create fresh cream that was then combined with the brand’s signature Hendrick’s Gin.

  • 15 Brands
  • 1,500 Attendees
  • 1 Cow

William Grant & Sons also uses the festival for product launches, creating tasting rooms for bartenders and other event attendees to try their new brands.


William Grant & Sons’ goal is to use Tales of the Cocktail as a marketing platform in order to:

  • Raise brand portfolio & create unique brand identity
  • Launch new products
  • Say “thank you” to the trade


Successful brand exposure to bartenders: The event provides an opportunity to create a relationship between bartenders and new brands – one that leads to future business when the brand becomes available later in the year.

Increased sales: William Grant & Sons may not sell its product at the festival, but the impact on sales is clear, with the event “significantly contribut[ing] to the business in America over the past 10 years.”

Media exposure: The media comes to the event looking for things to write about, and they do. William Grant & Sons received press coverage for their freshly milked Ramos Gin Fizz cocktails, and continually have stories written about brand launches that happen at the event.

Partnerships: Not only is the event a prime opportunity for forging new industry connections and cementing old ones, William Grant & Sons now leverages its role as a sponsor to offer event access to bartenders and distributors – like Chicago-based Wirtz – in exchange for representing their brand.


“Before Tales of the Cocktail, the William Grant & Sons brand meant nothing to the average guest at a bar. They knew Hendrick’s gin, they knew Glenfiddich, but no one knew William Grant. Tales gave us the platform to build credibility – to build a level of awareness and reputation – around what our company stands for, to showcase the quality of events, our top brand ambassadors and the passion that we have. Tales is the single biggest driver in communicating all of this out to the bartender trade.”

“If we do have a new variant, Tales of the Cocktail is always the preferred choice of unveiling something new in our portfolio to the world.”

“If you could only attend one event in the whole year I honestly believe that 95% of companies would choose Tales. It is the biggest, most important gathering of industry professionals anywhere in the world. The audience we have there is premiere. This event is a huge billboard for all of our brands.”

“Ann and her team are incredibly diligent and know what they are doing. At the same time, they are flexible. We can go to them with an idea and they will work with us to make it happen. In the same vein, they will work with newer brands to help them devise an event that is in line with the Tales environment and helps position them for success.”

- Charlotte Voisey, Head of Brand Ambassadors at William Grant & Sons USA

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On the Festival:

“There is something about the spirit of New Orleans, that you can’t have in any other city. That, combined with the hospitality element, just makes everything that much more fun and exciting. It’s immensely enjoyable. And everyone attends but there are no velvet ropes – a young bartender can meet all of his heroes at tales.”