Tales of the Cocktail Impact: Twelve24

Twelve24 Logo


Twelve24 is a barware company started by – and for – bartenders. They sell bags, aprons & leather goods, all made in the USA. They launched at Tales of the Cocktail in 2012, and have been vendors in The Market at Tales since then.

This past year they were featured in “Meet the Makers”, a program where vendors have a chance to do live demonstrations of their products – an opportunity they used to illustrate the durability of their bartender roller bag by filling it with crystal vases and doing their best to break them to no avail. Located next to registration, Twelve24’s stall was passed by almost every festival attendee.


Twelve24 leverages their relationship with Tales of the Cocktail in order to:

  • Increase industry awareness
  • Utilize the event as a sales platform
  • Collect consumer feedback from their target audience


Increased Exposure:

  • Twelve24 is a small company that cannot afford large media spends. They count on Tales of the Cocktail to establish their brand and be their primary source of marketing. For example, they gained 300-400 Instagram followers when Tales of the Cocktail shared them on Instagram. In addition, they told customers about their potential line of bar tools, and have received 10-12 unsolicited inquiries per week since.

Increased Sales:

  • Twelve24’s apron, priced at $160, was the #2 selling item in The Market at Tales.

Market Validation and Feedback:

  • As the co-owner explained, “We can’t just make things for ourselves because we think they’re cool.” Tales of the Cocktail provided them the opportunity to see which of their products bartenders were most interested in, and gain valuable feedback on future products.


  • All the decision-makers are present at Tales of the Cocktail, which is exactly what Twelve24 needed to expand their business. When co-founder Troy Clarke went in search of and pitched to the Sales Director for Diageo, he may not have realized it at the time, but he had just made a connection that would ultimately become Twelve24’s #1 customer.


“We’re small. We can’t afford media or to spend money in publications. Everything we do is by word of mouth. To be partnered with Tales, and to allow our goods to speak for themselves – that’s priceless.”

“I’ve been to a lot [of festivals], and everyone knows that Tales of the Cocktail and New Orleans should be put into their budget.”

“I started this company in my living room – 24 hours a day, 12 months a year. I even worked on my anniversary. To be partnered with Tales allowed our goods to speak for themselves. We launched at Tales and will always stay with them.”

-Troy Clarke, Co-Owner of Twelve24 Cocktails