Tales of the Cocktail Impact: Tiki Tolteca

Tiki Tolteca Logo


Tiki Tolteca is a cocktail bar located in the French Quarter, located above Felipe’s Taqueria and a few blocks from Tales of the Cocktail registration. Since its founding two and a half years ago, Tiki Tolteca has been a part of Tales of the Cocktail. On top of the rush of business they get from conference attendees, Tiki Tolteca hosts events in their space, including Dynamic Duos, ticketed events that pair two different products in inventive and surprising ways.


Tiki Tolteca utilizes their sponsorship with Tales of the Cocktail to:

  • Boost sales
  • Raise brand profile through unique events and offerings
  • Solidify industry connections


Increase in Sales:

  • The week of Tales of the Cocktail is the busiest week of the year for Tiki Tolteca – by far – tripling revenue for the bar and significantly boosting alcohol sales in the restaurant below. But its not only about volume – for the bartenders, the audience is unparalleled. The chance to serve to other members of the service industry, and to other bartenders that understand the work that goes into making excellent cocktails is a reward in itself.

Solidification of Industry Connections:

  • Attendees of the festival have numerous stories of connections that started at Tales of the Cocktail, and how they have since grown. Tiki Tolteca experiences this as well, with account representatives dropping off bottles and trying to connect. What is most important and memorable to them is actually the opportunity to maintain and solidify the connections that they already have – not only within New Orleans, but also with industry partners from all over the world. For example Felipe’s bartenders had the chance to meet representatives from Diageo, the company that makes the pisco used in Tiki Tolteca, and then were invited to travel to Peru for a visit of the distillery.

Brand Elevated through Memorable Events:

  • The events that Tiki Tolteca hosts during Tales of the Cocktail are far from run of the mill. In one Dynamic Duo, they had the owner of Tequila Fortaleza and his son – celebrities in the cocktail world – behind the bar. In another they created six specialty cocktails, serving drinks in “Topless Pineapples” decorated like women and watermelons carved like whales, the latter of which took ten hours to prepare. This commitment to excellence and memorable presentation has helped them stand out to thousands of attendees and has extended their brand recognition well beyond the city of New Orleans.


“Tales of the cocktail is your chance to put yourself on the map. If you blow them away then you’ve blown away the entire world.”

“We’re a craft cocktail bar in the French Quarter – you know there is going to be volume, monetarily, during the week. But what makes it rewarding is how much people appreciate what we do as bartenders. Bartending for the rest of the service industry is such a pleasure for me.”

-Nathan Dalton, Bar Director at Felipe's Taqueria & Tiki Tolteca