Tales of the Cocktail Impact: Arnaud's French 75 Bar

Arnaud's French 75 Bar

French75 Bar is a cocktail bar based out of Arnaud’s Restaurant in the French Quarter. Over the past decade, bartender Chris Hannah has built French75 Bar into one of the most renowned bars in the region. French75 Bar has been involved with Tales of the Cocktail throughout its rise within the industry. The bar serves as a prime destination bar for attendees as well as a venue for sponsor dinners and numerous other events affiliated with Tales of the Cocktail throughout the week.

Goal: French75 Bar views their relationship with Tales of the Cocktail as a prime chance to:

  • Further develop their brand and gain industry recognition for excellent service
  • Achieve an increase in sales
  • Promote their employees


Brand Elevation:

  • French75 Bar has become a destination in New Orleans. And by Hannah’s own account, Tales of the Cocktail is a huge part of raising French75 Bar’s brand profile. The level of service and quality of drinks that they serve during Tales of the Cocktail, despite the volume, stays with those who visit the bar, leading them to return and recommend French75 Bar to others.
  • Additionally, Hannah credits Tales of the Cocktail with make the French75 cocktail being synonymous with New Orleans.

Increased Sales:

  • Tales of the Cocktail is the busiest time of the year for French75 Bar. They order more than any other week of the entire year, including Mardi Gras. In fact, Tales of the Cocktail has been the busiest week of the entire year for the last nine years at French75 Bar.

Professional Development Through the CAP Program:

  • Chris Hannah has participated in the Cocktail Apprentice Program (CAP) at Tales of the Cocktail for 7 years, helping his rise to the top of the industry. This involvement in the CAP program has contributed skill development as well as given him a network of industry connections all over the world. Not only that, but the CAP stamp of approval leads to all sorts of professional development, from being quoted in magazines and press articles to being flown to other cocktail festivals in New York and London.


“We’ve kidnapped the French75 as a New Orleans cocktail. Now when you look up New Orleans cocktails a French75 comes up. That never would have happened without Tales of the Cocktail.”

“The CAP program has produced the best bartenders in the industry. The program receives thousands of applicants for a reason.”

“The most fun and amazing part – the best part – is that you know that your work ethic and sense of urgency and quality and serving guests is what put you there.” -Chris Hannah, Bartender at French75